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YFA 3127



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This film contains footage of Betty, Cyril and two of their friends as they visit Wensleydale. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-Wandering in Wensleydale

The film opens in a small village with views of the cottages and countryside.

Betty and a male friend come out of the `Wensleydale Inn' and walk off down the road. A female friend then exits the inn and walks off too.

Cyril and Betty and the other couple walk off down a country lane.

Title-West Burton

Betty and her female friend are down beside the river. Betty helps her to get down off some rocks. This is followed by a shot of the two men walking off down a country path.

The two couples wander into the `Fox and Hounds Inn' and have a drink outside.

Title-Aysgarth Fall

Shots of the waterfall, an extended sequence shows the water flowing into the river. The group sit on the rocky banks of the river.


The group walk through a woodland area, and they then come to some fields where some cows graze. There are then different views of the village, the roads, cottages and surrounding countryside.

Title-Redmire Force

This is followed by views of the area, the rivers and woodland.

Title-Bolton Hall

The couples climb over a gate and walk across a field. They then make their way across a small stream by stepping stones. There are views of the grand hall and its grounds.

Title-Pheasants Nest

There is a shot of small eggs in a nest.


The group then cross another river via some stepping stones. This time they hold large wooden sticks to balance themselves as they navigate their way across.

Title-The Gallops

Shots of jockeys and horses galloping together across a long field. Some of the parts are in slow motion.

The group walks back to the village; Cyril and a male friend leave the Inn with suitcases.

Title-The End

Cyril won an award for the film from the Leeds Camera Club