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YFA 5624



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This film, made by the photographic unit of the NE Region of British Rail, shows new hydraulic gates being installed on the level crossing at the junction of Spring Bank West and Walton Street in Hull in December 1963.

The film begins with traffic waiting at the Walton Street level crossing, with advertising hoardings behind.  The crossing opens and we see the Walton Street signal box.  More traffic goes over the crossing.   

Inside the signal box the signalman pulls off a couple of signal levers and winds a wheel to close the crossing.  He then re-opens it.  On the other side of the crossing again there is traffic, including a milk float, waiting in front of more advertising hoardings.  There is an advert for Hovis and “Arnett’s Good Fresh Food.” 

The crossing opens and the traffic moves off.  The traffic light signals are shown changing in close up.  There is a notice stating that Spring Bank West will be closed to road traffic at Walton Street railway crossing from Saturday 30th November to 1st December.  

The new crossing gates have been installed.  Just a single gate on each side with wheels on each has replaced the old double ones.  There is a close up of the hydraulic mechanism.  These are shown in operation, and traffic, including many cyclists and motorcyclists, passing over them with Spring Bank West cemetery in the background.  Automatic gates for pedestrians are in operation, and the film comes to an end.