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YFA 1791



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of Yeadon Air Display, a Land Rover trial, gliders out on Sutton Bank, model boats at Fleetwood, Skipton Gala and motorcycle trials on Keighley Tarn.

The film begins with a crowd of spectators watching as an airplane takes off at an aircraft display, followed by other planes, including RAF planes flying in formation.  The film switches to an off-road Land Rover trial, crossing over waterlogged fields, and then to a radio-controlled model boat display on a pond at Fleetwood, and then to large radio-controlled model airplanes on Baildon Moor.  It then swaps back to the model boat display.  This is followed by Adrian Walton going in a small boat with his grandfather, and walking along with is mother as she pushes his baby sister Gillian in a pram.

From the model boat display the film moves on to gliders flying out on Sutton Bank, in North Yorkshire.  Adrian has a look around one of them, and then is sitting in another.  Next he is again out on a small powered boat at Fleetwood with his mother and Gillian.  He goes up in a light plane and the journey is filmed from on board as they pass over Blackpool Tower.  He then has a go on a miniature model railway being pulled by a small steam engine (5650) at Brighouse.  Part of the journey is filmed from on board.  This is followed by a still smaller engine, interspersed with film of more model boats on a pond at Fleetwood, next to the railway track.  The film switches to the Skipton Waterways regatta, with boats on the river, and Mrs Walton holding her daughter’s hand (Gillian) as she takes some steps.

Then on to 1962, and back to the model boats as they do slalom exercises on the water at Fleetwood.
The film switches again to the Skipton Gala, with a parade led by a marching band, marionettes and floats, one for Cleopatra.  Then on to another model boat display. Some of the boats are shown close up.

There is a car park where a bright orange and yellow van is parked, with a sign for ‘Kiel Kraft: the greatest name in model kits”. [A note on the film mentions Roundhay Park at around this point in the film]  Model boats are on display, and there is a sign for ‘Aerokits Competition R/C steering Sept 2nd 1962.  This is probably also at Fleetwood.  The many competitors put their boats on the water in turn, while many others are on display on land for visitors to look at.

The film switches to moorland where a crowd has gathered near two Morris 1000s and an off-road motorcycle trials getting underway on Keighley Tarn.  The riders cross streams and drive over rough terrain, with a couple coming off their bikes.