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YFA 3873



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This film documents a bell ringing session at All Saints Church in Driffield, East Yorkshire. It includes both interior and exterior footage of the church as well as footage of the bell ringers in the church tower.

The surrounding trees hide a church tower in the distance. A boy is standing in front of the notice board where he reads the two posters. (Sunday Service at All Saints Church, Train up the child in the way that he should go). The boy walks away from the notice board and walks along the tree sheltered church path. On the church path, a man and two boys walk towards the entrance where the vicar is waiting for them. There are exterior close ups of the church tower and stained glass window. The boy continues to walk up the path and enters the door. This is followed by a close up of the church tower. From the tower, two people are seen walking along the path towards the church entrance.

Inside the church tower, a bell ringing rehearsal is taking place. Two boys are seated on benches around the edge of the tower as two other boys pull the ropes of the bells. On the other side of the tower, another two boys are standing next to the instructor pulling the bell ropes. Each of the bell ringers pulls on the rope at the centre where the rope is covered with red, white and blue covering. They allow the rope to travel upwards until their arms are stretched above their heads, and then pull the ropes down wards again catching the coloured covering. The bell ringers then keep hold of the covered part of the rope and tug it downwards several times. The cord attached to the rope moves through the hole in the ceiling. In the bell tower the bells swing backwards and forwards. The bell ringers continue their sequence of allowing the rope to travel upwards followed by short tugs on the covered rope. The instructor puts on his jacket and walks out of the door. The film closes with an external shot of the church tower.