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NEFA 20406



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An amateur film made by Walter Gowland showing various events taking place around Hartlepool as part of the corporation carnival. Events featured include water skiing, street parades and a fair. The second part of the film features the family visiting the countryside, a running event and footage of the art deco bus station at Seaton Carew.

Title: Walnor Productions.

Title: Presents.

Title: Holiday Memories.

The film begins with a speed boat towing a water skier through the harbour across from the Headling and Hartlepool Town Wall. A small sailing dinghy sails through the harbour. Peter and Keith Gowland put on life jackets and go out onto the water in a canoe. A number of dinghies are moored along the shoreline with people standing around. A lifeboat comes towards the shore where it is met by a crowd of boys.

Peter and Keith play on a beach, one of them throwing stones into the sea. A small fishing vessel moves through the harbour at Hartlepool flying a Union Jack. A group of people on a quayside look over a large moored ship. Member of the crew show people around the deck.

A group of men fish from the Hartlepool town wall watched on by a small crowd. They catch a small fish which they show to the camera. Noreen Gowland with Peter and Keith eat sandwiches on the wall intercut with the fish they has been caught. Noreen and another woman along with Peter, Keith and another boy sit on a bench. A sign on the side of a van reads “Mothers Pride”. The other woman woman and two of the boys play on the beach and in the surf.

A poster advertises “Hartlepool Corporation Carnival: Saturday 30 July - Saturday 6 August 1966. Open Daily on the Town Moor" and attractions include "Britain's Top Pleasure Fair."  A bagpipe band marches down a road surrounded by watching crowds. Two young women are driven past in a convertible car. An elephant walks past and a series of marching bands and carnival floats. A decorative sign reads “One Glorious Swing” which is attached to the side of a carnival ride. The film shows a number of other fairground rides and crowds walking around enjoying themselves. The fairground is seen from a moving Ferris wheel intercut with the boys eating ice cream and a stall that reads “Frankie’s Bingo”. The film shows the “Peter Pan Railway”. A small train on tracks travels around in a circle. There are views of a moving fairground carousel. One of the boys is filmed on the moving carousel.

A boy stands on a seawall during a storm. He is joined by a younger boy. A small crowd by people walking toward St Hilda’s Church with a number of views of the church.

Title: The End.

Title: Interval for applause.

Title: The Hartlepools.

Noreen and the two boy walk through and industrial site and across a railway level crossing. She and the younger boy walk through Victoria Square off Victoria Road in Hartlepool. A small boat is moored in Hartlepool harbour. A larger steam cargo ship coming into the harbour. Noreen helps Peter tie his shoe laces. A man on the beach next to a lorry skims for sea coal with a spade.

The family walk along a busy country road as traffic speeds past. Noreen is pushing a pushchair containing Peter. Walter Gowland, carrying a camera case, rest against a fence. He is then seen on the ground hugging Noreen. She and two boys play on an embankment next to a road. The two boys stand next to a road sign near to a junction that the sign says leads to Seaton Carew and Middlesbrough. Keith points at the sign. Three horses and a number of sheep with lambs can be seen in a field. A group of people on horseback canter past.

The film changes to a running track where various competitors as well as spectators stand around on the track itself. A number of runners jog towards the camera before stopping and walking off the track. A race starts and the competitors run past.

A group of women in brightly colour dresses stand next to a car. They are then seen dancing hand in hand in a field.

A small fishing vessel travelling along an estuary. Noreen walks towards a busy road bridge, Hartlepool can be seen in the near distance from the bridge. Peter can be seen sitting on a newspaper in a field. At a road junction a coach passes. The coach is then seen travelling along another road. A sign reads “Parking Prohibited”. Crowd of people can be seen walking around the Seaton Carew bus station on a sunny day. The film ends with the family getting onto a double decker bus.

Title: The End.