Film ID:
YFA 770



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This film contains footage of a wedding that was attended by the Sharp family.

The film opens with shots of people lining the path up to a church and watching as the guests arrive. A woman in a big coat walks from a car to the church and holds her hat on as it is very windy. Following this the four bridesmaids walk from another car up the church path with the bride and her father in tow. As it is such a windy day, she has a lot of trouble keeping her dress down as sections of the train blow high up into the air. She stands on the steps of the church and poses for the camera as lots of people all gather on the steps.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom come out of the church. They are both smiling, but the bride still has to hold parts of her dress down as the wind is still very strong. The couple get into the car and drive off waving.

In the next scene lots of cars drive into a large open park area and park the cars. The guests get out of the cars and smile at the camera. Some of the women are helped out of the cars by the drivers.

The bride walks over to a green area to have some photographs taken and a woman carries her train. Then the extended wedding party pose for photographs and laugh and smile at the camera. There are some lingering shots of the hotel and the grounds which are full of lovely blooming trees and flowers. The wedding party pose for more photos and the guests gather around to take their own photos as the wedding party lines up. They all gather around the hotel entrance talking and smiling at the camera.