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NEFA 19701



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This amateur film by Frank Wilson is a compilation of the Wallsend Co-Op Sports Club’s social events of 1955, including a dance at Wallsend's Carville Road Hall, coach trips to Bamburgh (featuring a cricket match) and Berwick for a picnic, and a men's bowling contest on Tyneside.

Title: Wallsend Co-Op Sports Club

Title: Review of 1955

Title: Dance held at Carville Road Hall

All generations are dancing together at the Carville Road Hall for a work's event, including young people and teenagers. Portrait shots follow of some of the teenagers, and a couple and their friend. A band plays at the dance. Shots of each musician follow: a woman playing accordian, a fiddler, a pianist and a double bassist. People chat together at the dance. Some of the older men hold their tea cups up to camera in a toast. One feigns pouring the drink in his ear. Teenagers sip from bottles of lemonade with straws. Various group portaits of the sports club revellers follow.

Title: The Coach Trips

This section of the film is shot inside a coach, travelling along a country road. Shot of the driver at the wheel. View out the back window of the coach at a second coach travelling behind in convoy. The coach is from Hollings, a Wallsend firm.

Some of the Wallsend Co-op Sports Club group use stepping stones to cross a river at a stop in Northumberland, possibly the Bakehouse Steps at Morpeth crossed from High Stanners on the west bank. A man fishes with a net in the background.

Further travelling shots follow from inside the coach as it crosses the River Coquet at Weldon, and passes the Anglers Arms.

A few of the passengers are at a village stop en route. Back inside the coach, passengers are taking their seats. Three of the men carry boxes of picnic plates and a water boiler, or tea urn, back onto the coaches.

The group happily walk along a country lane, arm in arm. They gather to have their photograph taken before boarding the coach again.

The coach approaches Bamburgh Castle. General views follow of the castle walls atop the high cliffs. Group portait of some of the tour group walking through Bamburgh village. A village cricket match is being played at the foot of Bamburgh Castle walls.

Title: The Bowling Team

A men's bowls match is underway back in Wallsend, many of the men in shirt sleeves and flat caps. Players smoke between rounds.

Title: Trip to Berwick

Passengers leave their coach at Berwick, one by one, each glancing at the camera as they step off. A woman waves her sandwich as the group settle down for a picnic on a sunny day in a grassy field in Berwick.

Title: The End

Credit: Produced by F. Wilson