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This film is from the C.H. Wood collection and is about the Wallace Arnold Travel Company. There are stills of many of their holiday destinations in the UK and in Europe, as well as stills of the coaches, staff and customers who go on the holidays.

Title-Wallace Arnold. Nice People to go with.

This film consists of a sequence of stills showing people at work in different industries: in factories, in markets, farming, mechanics, builders, doctors, etc. The voiceover says that there must be as many jobs as there are people and that they use up so much energy doing their jobs.

There are stills of a secretary having tea break at her desk, and voiceover says that the brain doesn't stop working throughout the day. He says that no wonder people look forward to their annual holiday.

In the next section is a sequence of stills of people on holidays, lying on the beach. The voiceover says that this is what most people do for a couple of weeks every year, and that's why so many brochures leave the Wallace Arnold stands. There are shots of some of Wallace Arnold's tour operators talking to customers in the offices and shots of the tour buses in various parts of various cities.

There are more stills of seaside resorts, villages, castles, and the countryside in the UK, and the voiceover says that people want to discover and rediscover their own country. He says the excitement of the Highland Games and the beautiful lochs are what bring people to Scotland. Following this are stills of Scotland.

The voiceover says the Scotland is a beautiful country to visit. He continues on to describe the wonderful scenery, great food, suitable types of accommodation, but says the most important thing is that the customer travels well. There are shots of passengers on a bus, shots of the bus itself and shots of the hotels that Wallace Arnold owns. They include the he Craiglinn Hotel in Grantown-on-Spey, the Trecarn Hotel in Ballachan.

The voiceover says that the United Kingdom is great because you are never far from some sight of beauty or historical interest. There are shots of castles, Stonehenge, the seaside, mountains, and small villages.

The voiceover says that the Channel Islands are very important to the Wallace Arnold range of holidays; this is followed by more stills of a beach and surfers. Jersey is also popular and the voiceover says that you can travel by air, rail and sea or coach and sea. There are great choices in modern hotels, great climate and wide variety of activities.

The Supersaver Dream Holidays are ideal for older travellers, and most of the Wallace Arnold holidays are included in this scheme. The voiceover continues on to talk about the Wallace Arnold Continental Holidays that are on offer; most countries in Western Europe are on their brochures. There are stills of lakes, mountains, the inside of the pantheon in Rome, market stalls, Venice etc. He says that you can get planes to the destinations with coach or rail connections and these connections are often at a reduced cost. These holidays are so popular, he says, because of the guaranteed sunshine. This is followed by shots of two young women on a boat in their bikinis and then an extreme close up of a woman chest in a bikini top!

The voiceover mentions a number of other destinations including Amsterdam, Paris, Scandinavia and Yugoslavia.

The following section talks about the Wallace Arnold Company, and the voiceover says that their job is to give customers what they want. This is followed by more stills of destinations and activities. There are further stills of the coach depot in Leeds and some of the mechanics smile for the camera. Next he talks about the Complex Managers who visit all of the hotels in all of the holiday programmes to check that standards are maintained. There are stills of them being served dinner and talking to a chef.

The voiceover concludes by talking about the staff and what attitudes they have to their jobs. There are stills of staff members having meetings, on the phone and working at their desks. According to the voiceover, the company has its travel roots based in the 1920s. This is followed by stills of groups of people from the early twentieth century sitting large cars.

The voiceover says whatever changes occur over the years, they won't want to change their slogan.

Title-Wallace Arnold

Nice People to go with.