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This film is part of the C.H.Wood collection and comprises a promotional film made for Wallace Arnold Tours. This film features a housewife who, when overwhelmed with her tasks and work at home, treats herself to a daytrip to Scarborough with two of her friends. The film features well-known sites in both York and Scarborough.

Title-Wallace Arnold Tours Ltd. Present

Title-Holiday from home

Title-Written and directed by William Furness M.A.A, M.I.P.A.

Title-Photographed by C.H. Wood, F.I.B.P, A.R.P.S and F.G. Dewhirst.

Title-Commentary spoken by Mary Manson

Title-Harassed housewife played by Dora Rushworth

Title-Kitchen scene staged with the co-operation of Brown Murry (?) & Co. Ltd and (illegible words) Ltd.

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood

The film opens in a kitchen where a woman is drying dishes at the sink and putting them on a tray. There is a baby sitting in a high chair with his hands in a dish of chocolate sauce. The narrator says that it is said that a woman's place is in the home, as there she is shielded from the stresses of the outside world and she can raise children, which is her ultimate goal. The woman sees that the child has poured chocolate sauce all over his head and puts down the tray in order to clean him up. The tray falls off the table and the dishes smash and then the pot of milk on the stove boils over. She yells and runs to take it off the cooker and while she does that her husband comes into the kitchen and starts working on a dirty, oily piece of machinery and ruins her white towels. She runs into the sitting room crying and sits down to watch television and to have a smoke. The television is off air and she does not like the taste of the cigarette; she picks up a Wallace Arnold brochure that is on the side table.

The following section starts off with shots of posters advertising various Wallace Arnold destinations including Morecambe, Skegness and Southport. The narrator says that every month Wallace Arnold bring out a free booklet listing all of the day and half day excursions that they offer; they have offices in Leeds and Bradford where you can book your seats. The harassed woman, Joan, visits one of the offices and books a seat on a coach trip to Scarborough.

On the day of the trip Joan leaves the house and waves at her mother who is minding her baby for her. She waits at the pickup point where the coach collects Joan and her two friends. The coach drives away from the camera along a main road.

The narrator says that the first stop is York where there are shots of the city walls, the Castle Museum and the Minster. The narrator talks a bit about each of the sites as the coach drives around. The coach makes a stop at a caf? where the passengers can get coffee or use the bathrooms.

The coach drives along a country road and stops at various small villages including Thornton-le-Dale where there are shots of the pretty village. The coach drives on through more villages and the narrator informs us that Wallace Arnold coaches really get you to the destination; they drive right into their own coaches stations.

The next shots are taken from the top of the hill looking down onto Scarborough bay. The narrator describes the many sights and amenities in the town and the camera pans along taking them all in. Down in the harbour are many small sailing boats, and according to the narrator you can take a cruise on the water in one of the steam boats. Joan and her friends board the boat and the boat sails out of and around the harbour.

On the north shore, many people walk along the beach front and sit on chairs in the sand. A group of people run around playing ball and messing in the sand. A couple run into the sea and splash around. There are shots of children on donkeys and two men playing pitch and putt. The narrator says to be careful of naughty cuss words like `damn, dash and blow'! There are also shots of amusement rides.

The narrator says that holidays can be paid for with a saving stamp book and that the stamps can be exchanged for trips. There are children rowing small boats and peddling on little boats on the lake in front of the spectator stands that are used for open air concerts during the summer.

At the bathing pool men, women and children swim in the water or sit on the side watching. A woman stands on the diving board and attempts to dive off the board on three occasions but always falters; she is pushed in by the woman behind her. Following this is a shot of the water slide ride and a point of view shot from the boat as it slides down the ramp and into the water.

Joan and her friend walk around the castle on the hill overlooking the bay; the voice over says that it neatly divides Scarborough into two bays. People sunbath on the grass overlooking Scarborough and there are shots of the beaches and sea far down below.

Title-The End.

Title-A W.M. Furnace and C.H. Wood Production