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YFA 3925



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This is a film documenting the preparation and events of the 1980 Hayride in Walkington. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

Title - Hayride 80. Filmed by Roy Cheeseman. Roger Hateley.

Two women and a man walk along the path and up the drive way to a house. Eleven members of the Hayride committee are gathered in a garden having a meeting. The members of the group pass around leaflets with information about the day.

Inside a bedroom a woman makes a telephone call about the costumes for the day.

The hayride costumes are hanging on a washing line in a garden. A woman takes one of the dresses off the line and shakes it in front of the camera.

Poster on the entrance gates to the hayride (Walkington Hayride Sunday 22nd June). Inside the stables are bales of hay and skeps filled with costumes which are wrapped up in bundles. Three women and a little girl gather together bundles of costumes. The women are seen organising the costumes through the stable window.

A man dressed as a town crier stands outside a pub (Cameron's)and rings a bell signalling everyone he is about to give an announcement. The town crier leads the crowds down a country lane. A horse is decorated with flowers and is followed by the people dressed in costumes. The group of people and the horse enter the hayride gates. Women and children look at the pictures of the hayride hanging on the wall, and the crowds of people who have turned out for the event look around the stalls and play games. A band consisting of two flutes, a guitar, violin and accordion begin to play music and a woman and a girl start singing. A man throws a ball to knock plates off a shelf to win a prize, and two girls stroke the head of the shy horse decorated with flowers. Men gather to talk and women look at the gardening stalls. Two men put their heads through the seaside picture board of a fat man and woman in bathing suits. The crowds of people look around the stalls together. A woman holds up a red balloon and a man blows it way into the air.

Clouds cover the sky above the stable yard where a red and yellow cart is parked. A man unhooks the bars of a bread cart and lowers it off the ramp (Victoria Bakery, fresh baked Bread Muffins). The crowds gather in the stable yard and next to the carts collecting money for charity. Two women ride in a red pony drawn cart, and the crowds wait in the stable yard as the horses and carts are prepared.

A man riding a penny-farthing leads the procession of people riding in horse drawn carts. The procession makes its way through the village. Among the carts filled with people are a bread cart and a fire wagon followed by men dressed as firemen and a traveller's caravan. A yellow and black motorcar follows the procession. The man riding the penny-farthing down the country lane tips his hat. The procession of carts, wagons and people continues down the country road as the people in the carts sing songs.

A choir stand on a platform singing songs to the crowds. The crowds gather in the streets with the horses and carts. The carts are ridden into the field filled with crowds holding umbrellas, and the people riding in the cart hold up a plastic sheet to shield them from the rain. The horse drawn cart and the rest of the procession is ridden through the North Gate in Beverley and into the Market Square.  Crowds wave to the people riding on the carts, and the procession rides back through the town and to the stable yard. The film closes as the men help the women get out of the carts, and the horses are lead into horseboxes as clouds fill the skies.