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This film documents the Walkington Victorian Hayride at Bishop Burton in 1977. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

Poster - Walkington Victorian Hayride, Bishop Burton, Sunday 19th June.
A family dressed in Victorian costumes enter the large gates. In a large field people walk around dressed in their Victorian costumes. A woman is working on a sand castle stool hands a loopy pop stick to a little girl to play in the sand. Men and women walk around the various stalls wearing their costumes. A scout leader takes part in a game of mini golf with a man in a red coat. A woman with a frilly white hat holds a white rabbit that children are stroking. Children look at the items on the stalls next to a woman wearing a bright pink dress and hat. Men women and children walk around in their costumes, which range the different classes of the Victorian era. Children stand eating ice creams, and a gentleman walks around with a lady carrying a parasol. Children bob for prizes by using a small fishing rod to try to win a goldfish. A man wearing a beige top hat pushes a little girl on a swing, and the children and parents gather together to watch the Punch and Judy show. Men stand together drinking biter from pint glasses.

Pub sign - Cameron's.

Women wearing Victorian costumes stand outside the pub drinking sherry. Morris dances perform as a man wearing a bright shirt and flower hat smokes a pipe and plays the accordion. Children stand around eating sweets, and a man and woman hug next to a red trailer. Men and women are dressed as Victorian royals, and others climb on board a horse drawn carriage (The Venture.) The carriage is one of many in part of a procession which makes its way down the main road, all the people in Victorian costumes following behind. Two scout leaders push a wheelbarrow loaded with equipment as a man dresses as a solider walks beside them. The carriages are taken through the country roads surrounded by trees. A man wearing a top hat and tails rides a penny-farthing behind the horse drawn carts. A man drinks from a silver tankard, and people walk around the horse and carts that are decorated. On the stage in front of a large crowd, people sing as a woman plays the piano. The man in the top hat and tails collects the penny-farthing that is propped up next to the wall and rides off down the road followed by the horse drawn carts. Crowds gather in the fields next to a traction engine. The horse drawn cart is taken through the town streets and underneath the stone archway. The men hold out their hands to help the ladies out of the horse drawn carriages. A large group of the people in Victorian costumes stand in a circle together holding hands, singing, and dancing, and little girls hand out bouquets. Several men work together to move the carriage as the horses are taken to the stables. The film closes with a poster for the event is on the ground with a red flower on top.