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YFA 3892



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This film documents the events which took place during the Walkington Methodist Church garden party in 1978.

Title - Walkington Methodist Church Strawberry Tea. (Bowl of strawberries and cream).

The film opens with a man playing darts in the garden, and there are other people in the garden gathered playing games. A man and woman walk through the gates with two girls and a girl in a push chair. A girl plays mini golf while a man keeps scours on a clip board. A man holding a baby throws coins onto a wooden board with numbers painted on. Two children buy ice creams from a woman on a stall, and the children look around the stalls as the adults sit on deck chairs eating ice creams. Women look around the plant stall and buy a variety of goods. A girl in a red jumper throws balls at a target while there is a girl in a blue dress who holds a doll. A man in a suit and hat and a woman in a pink dress play mini golf. A boy bounces balls into a target. Children pull on ropes to make cardboard cut outs move along. Three women sit at a table having tea. A woman sits with a baby on her lap eating strawberries and cream. Men and women walk around as people sit at tables and chairs. Inside the house a woman lays bowls on the table and fills them with strawberries and cream. Many people gather at the tables and chairs while others walk around the garden. A man throws darts at a dartboard while children watch. Children walk around the garden. The film closes with a woman and two children who walk down the path.