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This is a film documenting the preparation and events of the 1979 Hayride in Walkington. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

Poster on a tree - Walkington Victorian Hayride Sunday 17th June.

The film opens with a scene of a country road and trees. There is a sign on a country lane (Flower Hill).

There is a shot of a farm house and stable yard, and in the yard is a carriage for Cammidge and Robson, Flower Hill, N. Newbald. A man in a peaked cap cleans the red wheel at the front of the carriage. A dog runs in the stable yard, and a black horse grazes in the fields. The man leads the horse down the lane and to the stables. He then cleans the horse's feet with soap and water before grooming the horse's body. There are other horses which are grazing in the field.

A large horse box van pulls into the stable yard towing the red and yellow carriage. The man disconnects the carriage from the horse box. A white horse is tied to the front of the horse box, and a man leads a horse out of the horse box and ties it to the side of the horse box. A group of men unload the carriage from the trailer by lowering it down a ramp. The men then connect the red beams to the front of the carriage.

The horses have decorations on their manes. The men prepare the horses for pulling the carriage by attaching harnesses and reins. Men and women in various Victorian costumes stand in the stable yard. The horse is lead to the front of the carriage and attached to the beams as the people dressed in Victorian costumes get into the back of the carriage. The horses pull the carriage out of the stable yard and along the country roads. They are followed by other horse drawn carriages in the long procession. The people in the back of the carriage wave as the horse pulls them along.

The men help the women out of the carriage. The crowds of people dressed in Victorian costumes walk around together. A man smokes a white pipe next to a man playing an accordion. The horses are lined up together in the field, and a boy hangs out of a window holding a piece of card.

The horse drawn carriage is driven underneath the stone archway in the town. The carriages follow each other along the country road. In the stable yard the people in costumes stand by the carriages, and a man grooms one of the horses. The film closes with a sign advertising the event.

Poster on a tree - Walkington Victorian Hayride Sunday 17th June.