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YFA 3895



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This is a film documenting the preparation and events of the 1978 Hayride in Walkington. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

The film opens with shots of a stable yard at a farm. A red van is driven through the fields towards the stable yard, and a horse eats from a metal bucket with red and white decorations in its main. Inside the barn a group of men are making drinks. Outside, a woman plats red ribbons into a horse's main. The group of men work together to unload a carriage from a trailer. They use a ramp to do so.
In the stables the men help to prepare the horses by grooming them. Horses are unloaded from the horseboxes. There are men and women wearing Victorian costumes who wait in the stable yard. A woman helps a man put on a cravat. The costumes that the men and women wear are from a variety of different classes from the Victorian era. A man puts a bonnet on a horse. With the carriages loaded with people, the horses are lead out of the stable yard and followed by other carriages. One of the carriages has a sign painted on it (Solid Fuel Advisory Service). Men on horseback follow the carriages out of the stable yard. They are followed by smaller carriages carrying fewer people.

A man carries a bale of hay across the stable yard and puts it into one of the carriages. A man then tightens the wheels on the carriage, and other men attach string to the carriage. Men and women in Victorian costumes stand by stacks of hay bales. A group of men carry red beams to the carriage. A man leads a horse across the stable yard. The men connect the beams to the carriage and fasten them into place. Two horses are then attached to the red beams by their reins. Men help the women into the back of the carriage. The carriage is driven out of the stable yard. An old carriage is left in the stable yard. The film closes as the carriage load of people sets off in a procession down the country road.