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YFA 3884



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This is a film documenting the preparation and events of the 1975 Hayride in Walkington. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

Title - Walkington Hayride 1975

The film opens with a horse that is lead out of the horsebox and into the stable yard with other horses that are being groomed and fed. A wheel of the carriage is painted red, and a lamp is attached to the side of the carriage. A woman brushes the tail of one of the horses, and another horse is taken out of the horsebox. Two women walk past a carriage (Stamford, Grantham, Newark, Doncaster). A man grooms the back of a horse.
Pub sign - Camerons

Crowds of people gathered outside the pub. Morris dancers perform outside the pub, and a man in a bright top and hat plays the accordion. Men and women are singing. They are dressed in various Victorian costumes which reflect the different classes of the period. A man sits on a horse next to a carriage (Robert Carne Maythorpe). The people in costumes stand around the stable yard as the horses are attached to the beams of the carriages. The people in costumes climb aboard the carriages. The carriages are driven out of the stable yard gates and followed by a man on a penny-farthing and yet more carriages. The carriages and penny-farthing travel down country roads to a field where the men help the women out of the carriages. The women sit on the back of the trailer and sing songs to the crowd who join in as a man in a top hat plays the piano.

The people wearing costumes walk around the field together. The carriages loaded with people are driven down the road followed by the penny-farthing. The procession reaches the stable yard, and the people in the carriage get out. The people dressed in Victorian costumes stand in a large circle, hold hands, and sing and dance together.