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YFA 3886



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This film documents the events which took place at the Walkington Carnival in 1979 including a Wellie throwing competition and a children's musical performance.

Title - Walkington Carnival Sunday July 15th 1:30pm - Rix.

Events are set up on a large field. Two white men and a white and black woman play a doubles tennis match on the tennis courts. A man caring Wellington boots walks with two women and a boy runs next to them. Three toilets are on the grass in a row, and there is a boy who rides a bicycle across the grass. A car pulling a trailer with a boy sitting on the back is driven across the field, and children run after it. Some women stand at a kitting stall while there are other women who hold a large white cloth over the top of a jam jar stall. Children play on a roundabout. Women hold the sheet over the stall as the clouds above become greyer. A woman walks to the gate and talks to a man wearing a suit.

Children pick up their brass instruments. Members of the brass band sit on chairs set up inside a lorry and play their instruments. Elsewhere, a boy throws balls to knock tins over to win prizes. Families sit on deck chairs together, and a man stands by a bottle stall. Children rummage through a luck dip bucket, and people look around on a cake stall. There are also children who play on the spinning wheel stall. Men and women look around the flower stall, and others buy tickets at the raffle ticket stand. A boy and a girl wearing a brownie uniform walk around the fair. Men and women stand looking at the different motor bikes parked on the grass in a row. Children play darts and a man plays mini golf.

Sign: Wellie Throwing Competition - Cash prizes - each 5p per person

A boy throws a Wellie across the field. A boy rides on the back of a horse as a man leads the horse by the head and a small boy walks alongside them. A boy holds a cat in his arms. Dogs take part in a dog competition as crowds of people watch at the side of the arena. Girls wearing black leotards take part in a gymnastics performance in the arena. The audience clap and the children go to change. Girls wearing red coats with black hats march into the arena. They are playing horns, and there is one girl who plays a large drum. A man sits on the stage and makes announcements on the microphone. Next up are girls wearing white dresses and white hats throw batons in the arena. The crowds clap the performance, and the girls march out of the arena.

In a sand box a hamster is let out of the box. Crowds of people walk around the stalls. A gymkhana show is performed in the arena, and the horse pushes a woman wearing a pink dress over. People buy a variety of foods from the different stalls. Children play on a bouncy castle that has different coloured tunnels. People compete against each other trying to knock the other person off a wooden beam using pillows, and the woman knocks the man off the log. Men ride their motorbikes in the arena, and there are children dressed up in various dragon costumes who walk around the arena.

A helicopter flies above the field. Aerial shots from the aeroplane show the village bellow and the events field. The helicopter lowers itself over the field, and people use their cine cameras and photograph cameras to capture the helicopter landing. A man is lowered out of the helicopter on a rope. The helicopter hovers over the field and spins around in circles. Children wave as the helicopter takes off again. Aerial shots of the village from the aeroplane.

Children try to push each other off the log with pillows, and there is a boy who rides a small motorbike on the grass. Children ride on the rotating swing ride. A hot air balloon is laid out on the ground (Rix) and a man starts a generator to fill up the balloon. People take sides of the balloon and waft it to fill it up. The flame of the generator begins to fill the balloon with hot air. Finally, the balloon stands up right once it is filled with enough hot air and takes off.