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YFA 5704



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There is a big turnout of both participants and onlookers for this highly competitive walking race in York in the 1930s.  Participants come in all shapes and sizes to pound the streets of York and compete in front of the crowds who line the city streets.

The film begins with a brief section of Dufay colour footage from another film in the Foster Collection, Old Kate’s Revenge.

(B&W) The race begins opposite the CIU Club next to the Rialto Cinema on Fishergate.  There is a large crowd of onlookers watching as the participants set off either singly or in pairs, presumably in a time trial race, wearing an assortment of kit and adopting a variety of walking styles.  A bus passes, as do several cyclists and cars.  

Later on in the race one of the walkers has neck mopped of sweat.  There is brief shot of one of the winners after the race before we return to the race, where the walkers turn around and head back on a country road.  A man stands at the centre of the road and the walkers pass round him back to the city centre.  (This is possibly Fulford.)  

The competitors then arrive back at the CIU, again with a large cheering crowd watching. The winner and the runner up pose for the cameras with the organisers, or local dignitaries.