Film ID:
YFA 317



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This film mainly features a young man walking in the countryside and includes a wedding at the end of the film. Filmed by Albert Cole.

The film begins with a very short piece of film of a small child in colour.

(B&W) The film shows a young man in shorts and with walking boots walking through the moors with sheep to the side. He then clambers up a cliff overlooking a lake. The countryside around is filmed possibly from a boat on the lake. Cows graze in the fields, and the young man is sitting on a bench before being asleep on it.

(Colour) Some flowers and then the countryside around the lake.

(B&W) The man is crawling through some bracken. With a wintry landscape, a man is seen in some woods in the snow. He then slides along an icy road. Moving on to a different scene, a car pulls up at a church and 3 bridesmaids arrive, followed by the bride. Then the bride and groom pose for the camera, leave the church, and get into a waiting car. At the reception, the newlyweds are with their guests and the wedding cake.