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NEFA 21778



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Filmmaker and railway enthusiast Chris Lawson looks at steam railways in Wales and in North Yorkshire. The Wales footage includes their distinctive narrow gauge railways.

The film opens with a stationary train of coal trucks next to which a steam engine approaches the camera from a trackside view. The engine is number 7754 a 5700 Collett 0-6-0 pannier tank engine. With no load to pull it carries on past the camera. A long shot shows the same engine (?) pulling a passenger train as it goes along an embankment.

A high angle shot from a bridge shows an approaching narrow guage steam engine in a cutting next to a road. The train crosses the road at a level crossing.

The film cuts to unsteady footage of parked cars, then back to a general view of narrow gauge railway sidings, with a group of men standing next to a carriage(?).  A steam train approaches the camera on a nearby track. Another trackside view follows and from an almost obscuring pall of  steam as a steam engine emerges pulling a passenger train. As it goes past a brass nameplate reads ' Fairlie's Patent'. Fairlies are mostly associated with the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales.

A high angle view ends the film as an engine leaves a station with its passenger train.