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YFA 1125



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This film was made by Wakefield Amateur Cine Club and contains a variety of footage from different parts of Wakefield, reporting on construction in the area, new store opening and charity events that have taken place.

The film opens with shots of a building site covered in soil and a sign comes into shot-it reads `Carr Gate', There are areas of grass left amid the soil and rubble and some diggers and tractors drive around carrying debris. There are a few quantity surveyors tripod viewing instruments on a mound of grass and some hollow, block bricks in a pile.

Following this is a shot of a hoarding sign which reads `Albany Inn' and informs that it is to open in May 1972 and describes the facilities of the Inn. There are shots taken from across the road looking over through the gates of the site at the work men and their trucks.

Title-New Baths for Hospital.

The first shot is taken from a grass area looking over to a square, stone building. There is a sign outside the baths which reads `Official Opening of the Swimming Pool. Pinderfields General Hospital Wakefield by the Rt. Hon Sir Keith Joseph, Bt, MP'. The voice over tells us that the idea for the swimming baths came from one of the members of staff and that they are to be used for remedial treatment.

A marquee has been set up on the grounds in front of the building and the Lord Mayor of Wakefield and the Lady Mayoress come out of the tent and walk towards the camera. In the next shot a group of dignitaries walk up the steps of the baths.

There is a plaque on the wall which reads `This swimming pool was built at a cost of £35,000, provided by voluntary contributions of which the variety club of Great Britain contributed £17,000, and was officially opened on the 28th May 1971 by the Rt. Hon. Sir Keith Joseph Bt. MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Services.'

The next shots are taken from inside the swimming pool building and show a disability ramp leading into the water at one end. The shot cuts to outside where some of the patients are being brought into the baths. A little girl wearing arm bands is pushing herself along in a cart. Other patients on crutches and in wheel chairs are brought in by staff through the main doors.

Sir Keith Joseph and other dignitaries stand at the edge of the pool talking to some of the doctors and other staff. Two women are in the pool with a group of children helping them to swim. There is a brief shot from one side of the pool looking across at the crowd of people standing at the side of the pool watching the swimmers.

Title-The Inner Ring Road.

The section opens with shots of another building site. A street corner in Kirkgate has been demolished and a large hoarding sign reads `Tarmac Construction Ltd. Wakefield Inner Relief Road'. There are more shots of diggers working on the rubble with the town and buildings in the background.

Some sections of the new ring road are visible but they are not open to traffic so lots of cars and motorcycles drive around the new section. A crane lifts rubble from one side of the site to another. Some pedestrians make their way across a section of the site to their paths. There are some close-up shots of the foundation pits that have been built and of the men standing in them. The new road layout can clearly be seen.

Title-Another Supermarket Opens.

The Royal Code of Signals band plays in front of a Tesco supermarket which is being officially opened in Wakefield. A large crowd of people have gathered outside and are being entertained by Jimmy Savile who is up on a stage talking to the crowd. The shot cuts to the inside of the store and the shop assistants working at the tills and wandering around the shop floor with party hats on. There are shots of some customers at the meat section looking through the variety of cuts. Following this is a shot of Jimmy Savile signing autographs for a crowd of women that have gathered.

Title-Hospital Holds Gala.

Some paraplegics from Pinderfields Hospital are practicing for the shot put and the javelin events; another man is lying on the grass nearby and lifting weights. In another section of the field some stalls have been set up and several women work at them while visitors look at the items on them.

A table has been set up with ceramic plates for people to throw balls at and a sign reads `For Amusements Only, 3 Balls for 2½ P'. A group of children throw balls at the stand of plates and smash many of them. There are shots of other stalls including a sweet stall, a gardening stall and a stand where people can try cycling old-fashioned bicycles. Another stall has a sign which reads `Roll Your New Pennies' and this is followed by shots of children's amusements including a horse carousel and boat swings. The voice over says that in total £600 was raised.

Title-Big Day at Stanley

A group of men are erecting a stage in the middle of a road and are putting lots of potted plants along the base of it. There are shots of men in suits, the Mayor, Harold Wilson and Lady Mayoress and other dignitaries walking up the road and standing at the stage. The Mayor and some of the men make speeches and then there is a shot of a plaque which reads `Stanley Ferry Bridge. This bridge was opened on 6th June 1971 by Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson O.B.E, MP, to replace the original wooden toll bridge constructed in 1878'. There is a shot of the Bishop of Wakefield, the Very Rev Derek Tracey, who is on the stage giving a blessing. Harold Wilson is presented with a pair of cufflinks while his wife is presented with a bouquet of flowers. The final shot is of the large crowd that has gathered on the street with a mounted police officer keeping an eye on everything.

Title-Exercise `Horbury'.

This section contains footage of a mock rail disaster that occurred at Horbury junction. The voice over said that most of the people involved in the rescue were unaware that it was only a training exercise and therefore it was a very useful event.

A car drives along a road beside a train track and into the distance. Following this is a shot of a hand reaching for a telephone from a unit of three. The shot cuts to four fire engines coming out of the garage and driving off down the road. The firemen arrive at the scene and get straight to work trying to put out the fire and rescue people from the overturned carriages. Many people have injuries and are lying around or being carried away on stretchers. There are also now a lot of ambulances on the scene.

There are shots of emergency vehicles speeding along a main road towards the crash site and following this is a shot of a crane tipping a train carriage over onto its side. A workroom is full of men making prosthetics and mixing red liquids. A bus arrives with lots of injured people: a man with a missing arm and people with cuts all over them. It is then obvious to the viewer that the train crash was staged.

Title-Shops! Shops! Shops!

A newspaper clipping has the headline `Rent Cut Bait for Kirkgate Shop Units'. The following shot is of a hoarding sign which advertises a Wakefield redevelopment that will comprise shops, a petrol station, a car park and residential units. There are shots of the empty units in the new development with `for let' signs up on all of the shop units.

Title-Know your city.

The scene opens in a snow-covered park in which the statues of Queen Victoria and a crane are still visible under the snow. The voice over says that even in the winter months the parks in Wakefield are places of beauty. He mentions Clarence, Thornfield and Thornes parks in Wakefield. A sign reads `Daffodil Glade Please Keep off the Grass' and there are shots taken from around the park showing the snowy trees and footpaths.

The next section shows the parks during the warmer months with lots of people sitting and walking in the parks. There are shots of a large house, a pond and tennis courts. A park warden walks along with an Alsatian on a lead while people wander around the park and sit by fountains. The voice over says that there are plenty of things to see and do in the parks when the weather is fine.

Following this are shots of a group of women who are looking at a big, colourful display of flowers. The camera pans to show large amount of flowers lining a big stairway. The flower displays have been set up all around the large building and some of them have small fountains in the middle of them.