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Made by members of the Wakefield Cine Club, this film includes news items taken throughout the year from summer 1967-1968. Included is footage from the Enthronement of Eric Treacy, 8th Bishop of Wakefield and opening of a section of the M1 motorway.

Title-Wakefield Amateur Cine Club

Title-Newsreel June 1967/ May 1968

Title-Building Development Kirkgate, Wakefield Commenced Nov. 1967.

The film opens with shots of a construction site in the town, builders work alongside a digger which is drilling down into the earth as the voice over says that the soil is unsuitable and cement reinforcements are needed. He also says that since the war the old buildings have been systematically demolished and replaced by more modern ones.

Title-Enthronement of Eric Treacy, 8th Bishop of Wakefield.

The voice over says that on Wed 27th March 1968, Eric Treacy became 8th Bishop of Wakefield. He mentions all of the representative and civic officials that arrived at the church and this is followed by shots of all of these people walking in procession into the cathedral. In an old fashioned tradition, the provost, the Very Rev. Canon Philip Kerr knocks three times before entering the building.

The next scene is shot from above looking down at the crowds waiting outside the cathedral and then of the procession out of the church. The Mayoress and other officials, including the Earl of Scarborough, G. H. Ted, then leave. The Mayor leads a procession of civic heads out of the church and there are some shots of the general public leaving the cathedral.

Title-Motorway Construction around Wakefield

This section opens with a view of the Aston-Sheffield-Leeds M1 Motorway sign. The voice over says that the West Riding of Yorkshire is now connected to London. There is a brief shot of a quantity surveyor using a piece of equipment and then shots of some of the construction work before it was finished and then as a finished road. There are more lingering bits of footage of other recently constructed roads. The voice over mentions two accidents that occurred during the construction of the bridges on these roads as well as giving details of what the bridges were made of.

Title-Gypsy Moth IV En-route for London 8th April 1968.

The boat is on a large trailer which is being pulled by a lorry. The voice over says that it is making a journey from Edinburgh to London so the driver has chosen the widest roads with the highest bridges.

Title-Well done sir!

Title-13th May 1968 Welcome for Trinity

The mains street of Wakefield is crowded with people awaiting the arrival of the Wakefield Club football team. People wave rosettes and flags and some majorettes walk down the street towards the camera. The open-top bus drives down the road and the team wave; their trophy is attached to the roof for all to see. One local holds up a sign which reads `Don Fox is the greatest'. He appears on the balcony of the town hall and makes a speech.

Title-26th May, Mayor's Civic Sunday.

New Mayor Councillor Hutchings attended a ceremony in the cathedral which began with a march from one part of town to the cathedral.

Title-The End.