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YFA 1115



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Part of the Wakefield Museum collection, this film contains footage from a marbles tournament that was held in Castleford in Wakefield. The star of the film is 90-year-old Bill Furness who wins all of the games.

Title-90-year-old player is hero of Castleford Charity Contest

The film opens in a local hall which is full of various Mayors, their wives and other dignitaries who are in evening dress. Wooden marble boards have been set out on the floor for the contest and some of the men and women have a go at the game.

The voice over talks about one champion who will be a challenge for all of the players-90-year-old Mr Bill Furness. He walks up to the marbles boards with his great grandson carrying a suitcase. He opens the case and shows the marbles to the boy, and they talk a little bit; he then plays a match. Several of the Mayors play against Bill but they all lose.

He is then presented with a Trophy made at the Castleford Potteries. The evening entertainment continues with some of the women hitting shuttlecocks with mini bats and then some of them take part in skipping competitions.