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YFA 3744



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Part of the Wainwright Collection, this is a film of the Wainwright family on holiday at Runswick in Anglesey. It also includes footage of them at the Heath in Adel, Leeds.

The film opens as a woman walks up some steps overlooking the sea. She is carrying a baby, possibly Hilary, and they stop to pose for the camera. The baby is then lying on a blanket on a beach, with her pram in the background. They are on deserted beach. Three women make their way down some steep rocks in their swimming costumes. Out to sea a lighthouse can be seen on a rock. The women and two men sit on rocks by the sea; two of them jump off and swim in the sea.

The film switches to a woman looking over a lake and mountains. She walks up past the camera. The film switches again to a large garden with lots of flowers, especially lupines. A woman sits under a tree with a baby in her lap, possibly Hilary with her grandmother. They are joined by a man, possibly Hilary's grandfather, and two other women, and the film comes to an end.