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This is one of several exceptional films made over a seven year period by Bill Davison and winner of Movie Maker's Ten Best and Best Editing.  The film tells the story of a young man, disappointed in love, who, after administering a dose of drugs in a derelict house, commits suicide. Davison uses an abstract method of mixed colour and monochrome during the dream sequences to further emphasize the man's memories of love and the reality in which he finds himself.  The film was shot in Leeds.  

The film begins with a Dracula figure standing over a coffin, which opens to reveal a woman who then sits up.  

Title – W D Presents The Void, with Gordon Hardy, Jill Burkett

A coach and horses drive through a wood at night.  A young man is placidly watching the film.  The coffin is now empty and the woman stands, revealing fangs, facing the Dracula figure.  

Title – Directed by W Davison

The woman is next back in the coffin and the Dracula figure drives a stake through her heart as the sun comes up.  The young man leaves the Plaza Cinema (at 32 New Briggate, Leeds) puts on his sunglasses and drives off in his Triumph Herald convertible with the Fleetwood Mac song, ‘Man of the World,’ playing in the background.  He passes through a derelict area before parking in front of Balsham Brothers, printer shop, near where a man in a turban is seated in a yoga position on some grass.  The man has a vision (in colour) of a red rose.  He drives off again, passing through derelict terraced streets where children are playing.  He parks up and goes into one of the derelict houses.  As he looks out of an upstairs window, he takes four white tablets.  At this point the Fleetwood Mac song stops and is replaced with the sound of the dialling tone of a phone.  

There follows a dreamy sequence, filmed in colour and accompanied by the Booker T. & the M.G.'s single, ‘Time is Tight.’  It begins showing a woman lying on a floor with a needle lying next to her.  The woman is then seen alive. Looking at him and they appear together canoodling naked in bed.  She takes a red rose off of him, and proceeds to pull it apart, a sequence filmed with a blue tinge.  This sequence comes to an end, and there are shots of the young man in the derelict house.  There is the sound of the dialling tone of a phone.  He begins to cry and the song ‘Oh Happy Day,’ by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, starts.  He lies on the bare floor boards and has a flashback to the dream sequence.  He picks up a piece of broken window glass, places his watch on the floor, and slits one of his wrists.  Blood drips onto the floorboards, intercut  with images of petals from the red rose falling to the floor.  The film ends again with the sound of the dialling tone of a phone.  

Title – W D Production.

[Notes: The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960) L'amante del vampiro.  Man of the World (Fleetwood Mac, 1969), Time Is Tight (Booker T. & the M.G.'s, Feb. 1969) Oh Happy Day.  Blood of Dracula’s castle (1969), Taste the Blood of Dracula, Dracula has risen from the Grave.]