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NEFA 21774



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Filmmaker and railway enthusiast Chris Lawson travels further afield from the North East to film the narrow gauge railway on the Isle of Man.

The film opens as a steam engine approaches the camera. As it passes, the British Rail insignia can be seen along with the engine's name 'Prince of Wales'.

The film cuts to plumes of steam from an engine making its way through dense forest on a misty hillside.  A trackside shot shows the Prince of Wales engine pulling a train, a driver or assistant stands in a precarious position on the exterior of the engine at its front. It comes into a station and reverses out without its train of carriages.

General views from around the Isle of Man showing boats in the harbour, a busy town encroaching on the harbour (Douglas?). Some indistinct shots follows [camera left on accidentally?].

A trackside view follows at the top of the bank of a cutting, a train speeds past with the number 12 and the name 'Hutchinson' mounted on the side of the steam engine, the distinctive locomotives built by Beyer, Peacock and Company. The train disappears in the distance.

A high angle view shows another train coming through the overgrown cutting.

The film cuts to a steam engine (No 12 Hutchinson) running along a track on open ground, hauling a number of carriages. Blurred footage follows showing passengers getting out of the carriages. The engine moves off, going past the camera.

The film ends with a long distance view of another steam train crossing open country (probably Hutchinson again) and along an embankment.