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YFA 758



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Taken by an amateur filmmaker, this film captures Bradford V.J. Celebrations in August 1945. The film includes footage of people dancing and celebrating in the streets of Bradford as well as military processions.

The film opens with shots taken from a height looking down onto crowds of people dancing. Singles as well as couples dance as a band plays outside Bradford Town Hall. Some women dance in pairs and others in groups. A crowd gathers around an older woman watching her as she dances back and forth on the street and smiles. There are some shots of illuminations that have been set up around the city centre.

In the next scene are shots of more celebrations. Dignitaries including the Lord Mayor and Cecil Barnett stand on the steps of the Town Hall whilst a military procession marches past. The procession includes the Home Guard, the RAF and a military band. There are shots of the large crowds that have gathered on the pavement to watch and the mounted police men that are standing around watching what is going on.

The next scene cuts to Bradford Cathedral where members of the clergy and the choir walk in procession out of the Cathedral, followed by the Mayor and other dignitaries.

The film closes with another procession, this time including members of the Royal Navy, Wrens and Nurses.