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YFA 4209



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop in Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish, there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film contains footage from a trip to a zoo and a party in the `Park Pub' in the 1970s.

The film opens with a shot of a grown-up Malcolm Goldberg playing ball with a toddler in the garden; a young woman is also in the garden and she has a pram.

The next scene is a zoo where there are shots of lots of animals including monkeys in cages, flamingos and geese beside a lake, camels, big cats, and elephants. A boat sails along a river in the zoo and there are animal statues all along the shores of the river; some of them are motorised.

The final scene is of a party; a big crowd of young men and women area standing around drinking and chatting; they are wearing very colourful seventies clothing. Some of the people smile at the camera while others hide their faces when they see it. One couple start to dance so many others do too.