Film ID:
NEFA 20409



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An amateur film made by Walter Gowland of Hartlepool of his family visiting the countryside, Clifford's Tower in York and York Racecourse.

Noreen Gowland and her sons Peter and Keith sit on a bench outside a shop. The three of them begin to cross the road in front of the store. General view of a large waterfall, possibly in the Yorkshire Dales followed by a car driving past a stone building. Two farmers use a horse-drawn plough in a field.  A car travels through several small villages. Traffic moves through a junction. A road sign reads A684.

Title: A Visit to York.

A group of people stand beside a road followed by a view of  a large house. Groups of people walk up and down the steps beside Clifford’s Tower in York. People look down from the castle battlements. A sign reads “Clifford’s Tower”. Crowds of people sit on the grass in front of a large house with stone columns. Noreen and the two boys sit on the grass as Peter eats a sandwich.

A crowd of people stand in line for a fast food caravan. The family enjoy a picnic of pasties and sausage rolls with tea on the ground in front of some cars. General views of large crowds at York Racecourse. Two horses with jockeys are led out onto the track. They canter around the race track. One of the horses leaves the track followed bt a view of  horses in the paddock area. Another group of horse and jockeys are lead out onto the track. They are followed by a group of dignitaries with all the women dressed in red. More dignitaries come out onto the track and watch from the side-line as the horses canter past. General views showing more horses and jockeys, either cantering slowly around the track or being led away. The film ends with crowds leaving the racecourse.

Title: The End.