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YFA 177



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Produced by Urbanora Films, this travelogue features views of Whitby's historic harbour and Abbey, as well as Yorkshire beauty in Robin Hood's Bay and the rugged Flamborough cliffs in the East Riding.

The film begins with a shot of Whitby harbour looking out to sea and is followed by a view of harbour from different angle. There is a person walking a few dogs in front of a house before more scenes of the harbour are captured.

Intertitle: St. Peter's Church, a noted Land Mark, and the Abbey.  (Urbanora Film, A Visit to Whitby, Yorks.)

There are shots of the Abbey.

Intertitle: Robin Hood's Bay

This portion of the film focuses on Robin Hoods Bay as well as the surrounding buildings and streets. A handful of people wearing contemporary fashions can be seen walking around the area. There are also children playing on the beach.

Intertitle: Flamborough Cliffs

The film closes with shots of cliffs and seaside at Flamborough while a man prepares his boat to go out to sea.