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YFA 3831



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This film documents the Viscount and Lady Halifax's visit to Hull in 1941. They have come to visit the city after The Blitz during World War II. The day begins at the Dorchester theatre where they view the film and are presented with a wooden engraved case containing the film. They also visit a refuge for people whose homes have been bombed and look at the worst hit sites of the city.

Title - His Excellency the British Ambassador to the United States of America, The Rt.Hon.Viscount Halifax visits Kingston upon Hull September 2nd 1941.

The Viscount and Lady Halifax stand with a group of people in front of the building on its steps facing the crowds.

Title - Viscount and Lady Halifax leave the Theatre after seeing a pre-view of the film of Their Majesties' Visit to Hull.

The Viscount and Lady Halifax walk out of the theatre and stand on the steps. They talk to men in suits who are standing next to a film poster (Second Chorus.) The car pulls away from outside the Dorchester with the Viscount and Lady Halifax.

Title - Our British Ambassador will take back with him to the United States a copy of this historic film, and personally hand it to President Roosevelt, as a gift from the Sheriff of Hull, Robert G. Tarran.

Wooden box - (To the President of the United States of America Franklin D. Roosevelt. From The Sheriff of Kingston upon Hull September 2nd 1941, for Lord Halifax British Ambassador for U.S.A.) Inside the wooden box is a wooden oval film case with metal engravings and two coats of arms. Inside the wooden oval film case is the 35mm reel of film.

Title - The Lord Mayor, Councillor Sidney Smith, and the Sheriff of Hull, Robert G. Tarran, take the visitors to some of the blitzed areas.

The men walk around the blitzed streets where rubble and destroyed houses surround them. The Viscount and Lady Halifax speak to some of the residents of the area who are smartly dressed for the occasion.

A sign in a house window - Warden Service. This house is prepared ready to receive the homeless after an Air Raid. Please do not do any damage to the property. You may need it yourself. Robert G. Tarran.

The Viscount and Lady Halifax speak to people in the property as a police officer stands guard at the gate. The group look around blitzed building sites and walk through the streets crowded with children and women.

Title - Potatoes being prepared for the communal meals that are prepared for those who have been bombed out of their homes.

A group of women wearing aprons sit outside with bowls on their laps as they peel potatoes. The Viscount and Lady Halifax give the women their potatoes back. The Viscount and Lady Halifax stand with men and women in front of the house where a woman waves good bye to them as they get into their car.