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NEFA 19877



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A promotional film of a visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to open the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead on Wednesday 22nd February 1939. The royal couple also visit the Labour Training Centre and unveil a commemorative plaque.

Title: The Visit of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Team Valley Trading Estate. Wednesday February 22 1939.

Title: The crowd gather in the early morning in spite of bad weather.

The film opens with views of a large crowd walking along Kingsway. A female dignitary walks past followed by a procession of police officers. A man with a film camera stands next to a raised platform.

Title: Their Majesties inspect the Guard of Honour and officially open the estate.

King George VI followed by Queen Elizabeth inspects a group of soldiers who are standing to attention. On the platform they pull on a large silk bow.

Title: The bow fails to slip and a pair of scissors is borrowed to cut the ribbon.

The King cuts the bow. The royal couple stand on the steps of the podium steps before leaving by car. As the procession of cars drives along Kingsway flanked by police on horseback crowds rush at the royal car and are held back by police.

Title: Their Majesties proceed to inspect the Labour Training Centre.

The royal party enters a large workshop where young men and women are working with wood on a number of benches. They walk around the workshop talking to a number of the men. They come outside and watch another group of men building a brick wall. The royal party walk between various factory units via a covered carpet. They then leave by car followed by a procession of men in bowler hats.

A group of dignities wait for the arrival of the royal couple outside the entrance of a large building. The King and Queen arrive and walk inside.

Title: Now for a well-earned lunch.

More dignitaries walk into the building. A woman carrying a bouquet comes out of the building and stands next to a policeman.

Title: After lunch a bouquet is presented. Their Majesties say goodbye and leave via the south entrance.

The King and Queen leave the building and the Queen is presented with the bouquet. The both shake hands with a number of dignitaries before getting into their car. From a window a number of catering staff watches the proceedings.

Title: A plaque is now unveiled by Sir Malcolm Stewart to commemorate the commencement of the site. The excitement (or lunch!) has had an enervating effect.

A man gives a speech to a crowd inside the reception area of a building. A plaque is unveiled by a second man who also gives a speech to the crowd while outside a large crowd looks in through the glass doors. The film ends with people talking and chatting.