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YFA 2236



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Made by the Sheffield Photo Company, this film documents the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Sheffield in May, 1919. Included is footage of the military processions held on the day as well as scenes of the city centre and crowds which gathered in the streets for the special event.

Title - The Visit of T.M. The King & Queen to Sheffield

Title - Taken & Produced by Sheffield's Film Expts [sic] Sheffield Photo Company

The film opens with a panning shot of a long a line of nurses. There is also a large crowd of children gathered behind a barrier. They all wave Union Jack flags and cheer in anticipation. Processions begin with a group of wounded men in non-military uniform who walk past. There are photographers and policemen who await the arrival of the Royals. Following this is a parade of members of the Boys' Brigade and policemen. There is more footage of the crowds, and the Boys' Brigade band takes is place. Next is a parade of school girls and school boys. The wounded men in non-military uniforms have taken their place on folding chairs which line the procession route.

Title - At Walker & Halls

The King and Queen arrive in the Royal Carriage. They then disembark. Crowds of people are visible including those who look on from second story windows of the building in the background.

The Royal procession begins through the streets of Sheffield. The carriage stops, and King and Queen alight. The Cavalry precedes the Mayor's carriage. The Lord Mayor and his wife alight, and they are followed by the Royal Carriage with the King and Queen who enter building. People wait for arrival of the Royal party on a stage, and the infantry marches past.

King George and Queen Mary wave to the crowds from a balcony at the front of the building. They then come down onto stage to watch the procession which includes infantry, motor cycle corps, more infantry and civilians, possible new recruits. The streets of the city centre are decorated with bunting.