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NEFA 10484



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Home movie by amateur Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom Brown (Senior) that records a holiday in Scarborough in August 1934 with family and friends, including his son Anthony and future wife.

Title: A Visit to Scarborough
People stand at railings on the South Bay esplanade looking out across the bay towards the Castle headland. High angle view across bay. Agnes Punch stands on the seafront overlooking a crowded beach. Shot of crowded beach towards large Victorian hotel, possibly the Grand Hotel on Foreshore Road.

Title: Scenes on the Beach
General view towards sea of people on the beach, a small boat flying a flag on the sea near the shore line.

Title: Physical Jerks and Games on the Sands
People are engaged in various forms of organised group exercise on the beach.

Title: Scarborough Bathing Pool
General view of the Lido at Scarborough’s South Bay looking towards the tall concrete diving column. An audience are seated in a raised seating stand. A closer view of the crowd seated. Shot of people playing on a giant inflatable ball in the swimming pool, a fountain in the foreground, looking towards seating platform and hillside behind.

A group of men and women play with an inflatable air mattress (lilo) in the pool, splashing and having fun.

Title: Swimming Lessons
Beside the pool, an instructor teaches swimming strokes to a group of men and women in swimsuits.

Title: The End

Some men and women are seated together on a seating stand looking towards the sea and bathing pool, some with walking sticks, a small canvas shaded bandstand in the background. Closer shot of a man and two women (Agnes and Herbert Punch, and their niece, Daisy) seated in the stands, the younger woman wearing a white sunhat and smiling.

General view of the South Bay Lido, Scarborough bay and the castle on a rocky promontory in the distance.

Title: The Water Chute
View down track at the North Bay water chute ride in Scarborough.

People are rowing or powering small pedal boats on a boating lake at the North Bay.

Title: Open Air Theatre
Shot from behind a man in a pedal boat. A woman sits in another pedal boat. A young boy pedals a boat, and other people can be seen boating on the lake in the background.

Title: Peasholme Park Lane
General views of the boat house, people boating on Peasholme Park lake and relaxing beside the water, some paddling in the shallow water, sailing toy boats, with the pagoda in the background.

General view of the North Bay miniature railway, a train approaching on the track. The train, with open coaches packed with men, women and children, heads towards camera. Overhead shot of railway and gardens.

Title: On the Train
Travelling shot from the train towards the driver and steam engine, passengers seated in the foreground, with a view of Scarborough bay and beach in the background.

Title: Petrol Motor Boats
Medium shot of children seated three abreast in two small motor boats on a lake. There are general views of the boating lake, some people watching from the shore. Portrait shot of Daisy (Margaret Brown) in a white sunhat, the boating lake in the background. A man and woman ride in a motor boat on the lake.

Title: Italian Gardens
Daisy, Agnes (or Mabel Brown?) and Herbert Punch stroll in the formal Italian Gardens (or South Cliff Gardens), South Bay, Scarborough. The three look at the water lilies in an ornamental fish pond. Shot of other people standing around the pond. Agnes and Herbert are pictured amongst the flower beds in the Gardens.

Title: We Bid ’Goodbye’ To All Our
Agnes, Herbert and Daisy feed donkeys on the beach.

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Tom and Kate Brown, their son Tony, and Daisy wait on a platform for the miniature train. The train arrives, full of passengers. Shot of passengers on train. View from the train towards the driver.

The scene changes to a boating lake, or mere, where an attendant steadies a boat at the lake edge to enable boarding.

Daisy and the Punches’ son, Michael, in a trilby, take a ride in a motor boat. Various shots of the couple laughing and enjoying themselves on a boat. The couple are helped from the boat by a park attendant.

Next, Daisy and other members of the family group are on a water chute ride. View from the ride of the track sloping steeply down into the water. Various shots from the ride.

Group portrait of Daisy, Agnes and Herbert Punch.

Daisy, Agnes and Herbert Punch dine at an outdoor restaurant table, Corner Café, North Bay, Scarborough. The three walk out of the deco entrance of the café.

The scene switches to people strolling on the busy seafront promenade, South Bay, two women, arm-in-arm, look back towards camera laughing.

Daisy, Agnes and Herbert Punch walk towards camera along the promenade, each eating ice cream from tubs. The group sit on the promenade, the beach in front of them, possibly the Aquarium building behind.

View of a steamer cruise ship in the bay.

Portrait of the family group seated, the man smoking a cigarette. Daisy, Agnes and Herbert Punch drink and eat at an outdoor café table.

Group portrait of Tom and Kate Brown, Daisy, Agnes and Herbert Punch, and a young girl standing on the entrance stairs of a wooden chalet. They laugh and joke together.

Shot of Tom Brown pretending to hand crank a cine camera and film Kate and the same family group beside promenade railings, sea and Scarborough Castle in the background. Group portrait of Tom eating an ice cream, Kate, Daisy and the young girl on a coastal path, with the sweep of the North Bay in the background.

Tom and Kate Brown with Daisy pose on a balcony, with a pram in the foreground.

The scene changes and Daisy is standing in a garden, holding a baby dressed in a crocheted cardigan.

Another view from the water chute track heading into the water.

General view of Scarborough Lido, a woman sliding head first into the swimming pool. Daisy swims crawl in the lido. A young girl in a safety ring practices swimming in the pool.