Film ID:
YFA 2618



Visitor Tabs


This film, made up of two reels, documents a visit by Prince Michael to the West Yorkshire Police Headquarters. The Prince is shown around the facilities, meets with many senior officials, performs an inspection of the Police Force, and also takes a dive on a wet race course.

The film begins with the Prince's arrival. His plane makes it way along the airport runway on a grey and foggy day. Senior Police Officials have arranged to meet him at the airport and shake his hand once he has come off the plane. Photographers can be seen gathered on the runway.

Once at the Wakefield facilities, Prince Michael tours around the outside of the facilities, stopping to talk to and meet various members of the Police Force. Members of the mounted police and motorcycle units are also present. One of the men demonstrates a Breathalyser test at a checkpoint set up for training purposes.

Officers are lined up at the entrance to the police facilities, and as other well-dressed men and women arrive, they make their way inside.

On the other side of the building, there is a small racecourse set up. Prince Michael arrives in a car which pulls up near the track. He gets out of his car and into a car which will be driven around the track. The first lap, an officer is driving the car, and for the second lap, Prince Michael drives himself. After the race, he gets back into the Royal Car and to leave the facilities.

The next reel also contains footage from the visit; however, it is not a continuation of the visit but rather footage taken on another camera.

This reel opens inside Police HQ call centre. Many officers are seated at phones ready to respond to incoming emergency calls.

Outside, different training scenarios have been set up to teach different rescue and inspection techniques. Next, the West Yorkshire Police Force stand at attention, and Prince Michael performs an inspection of the Force.

Other training classes are set up. In the gym, the officers learn methods of self-defence. A car accident scenario has been set up, and all the training scenarios are being filmed for review. Briefly, the Prince is shown with a gun. There is a large fan: West Yorkshire Constabulary Catering Division. Inside the catering van are a chef and two women assistants. The film closes with an inspection of different mobile units and the K9 unit.