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YFA 3236



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This film documents the Mayor of Halifax Nova Scotia's visit on 1st June, 1978 during which the Mayor tours around the town seeing the sights and meeting with some of the local people.

Title - Visit of the Mayor of Halifax Nova Scotia 1st June 1978.

A group of men meet in the street with a few cameramen around.

Title - Civic Twins

The men are gathered by the Halifax Church looking at grave markers and talking to some of the local people nearby. There is a man who speaks to the Mayor and a little girl in a swimsuit is also featured. The Piece Hall is under construction, and there are men who are shaking hands in the courtyard for a photo op. After a view of a city sidestreet full of people, there is a shot of some trees signalling the autumn season. In the middle of a slightly wooded area, there is a ground-breaking ceremony in which a group of people each take the shovel and dig part of the ground away. Back at the Piece Hall there is music for a celebration. The Lord Nelson Pub is also featured.

Title - The End