Film ID:
YFA 6061



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Made by Roger Teale, this short amateur film documents a trip around the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, visiting Lindisfarne Castle and Priory. 

Title – Visit to Lindisfarne

The film opens with footage of Lindisfrane Priory with sightseers touring the grounds.  The statue of Saint Aidan stands in the Priory grounds, in the distance Lindisfarne Castle stands on a hill.

Next, there's a visit to Lindisfarne Castle, a sign noting it is now National Trust-owned. Visitors make their way up and down the winding path from the castle.

The film then records the upturned keelboats converted into sheds in keeping with Holy Island tradition.

General views of the island. Cars drive along the causeway where signs warn visitors of the danger of crossing as the tide rises. A rescue hut for stranded drivers is located halfway along the causeway.

 The film ends with a close up of a bottle of strong 1970 Lindisfarne Dry Mead, famously brewed on the island.