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NEFA 14615



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A home movie made by Ruth Jacobson of a trip to Jerusalem in Israel in May and June 1958 taken with her husband Lionel. The couple travel to Paris before board the cruise ship  S.S. Theodor Herzl for the journey to Israel. While in Jerusalem they visit the Rose Wollstein Nursing and Infant School and the Weizmann Institute of Science. They also talk with Israeli soldiers.

The film opens In Paris with views of various street scenes including a Cartier shop window display and the Paris Opera House.

The film cuts to onboard  the S.S. Theodor Herzl and views of passengers relaxing on deck. A man is plays an accordion and people dance to the music. A still showing  a map of Israel is followed by a  view of a coastline and town seen from the ship.

A small launch pulls up beside the ship with a banner hung from it that reads “Time Travel Tours Welcome”. A view of the  cruise ship moored at a dockside is followed by a view of an airport building with an El-Al aeroplane on the runway. A crowd waves to passengers getting off the plane and a man is selling ice cream from a bicycle.

General views of the Jerusalem Wall and the Dome of the Rock. A man and woman stand next to the border crossing building at Mandelbaum Gate. There is a large sign, which reads “Welcome to Israel”. A man is photographed next to a large black Menorah candlestick that is standing against a wall. There are views of an Arab family followed by an ornate church doorway. The film cuts to show a distant hill with a small hilltop village. A group of children pose for the camera.

The film cuts to views of the Rose Wollstein Nursing & Infant School, a modern complex. Some of buildings are still under construction.

[B&W]  A sign on a wall reads “Babies House”. The film cuts to an interior hospital corridor, followed by a view of a room full of cradles, with babies in cribs looking at the camera. A nurse holds a baby. Two women stand outside next to a sign that reads “Rose Wollstein Nursing & Infant School”.

[Colour] General views of a cemetery with a water feature and a young woman working in a nursery. In the distance an oil pump. The film cuts to show a man standing next to an oil-drilling platform.

The film changes to show a woman talking with two Israeli soldiers. Two more soldiers walk by showing a flagpole from which the Israeli flag is flying. The man seen previously is now standing next to two soldiers holding a machine gun. He then gives some cigarettes to the soldiers and shakes their hands.

The film cuts to show views of the Weizmann Institute of Science and what appears to be a gravestone in a garden. Two women lead a group of toddlers towards a building. The film changes to show three boys stroking a pony. There is an overhead view of a complex of modern buildings. The film cuts to a man herding goats. This is followed by views of  people swimming in a lake and a pleasure boat moored at a dockside. An Arabic man on horse is lead down a road by group of people dancing. The film ends on a high angle view of a coastal town.