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A Billingham Film Unit short documentary that introduces the ICI Billingham and Wilton Works, including a brief look at salt production at Haverton Hill (off main works), the ICI Synthetic Ammonia Works and ICI Nylon Works, and the Synthonia Club. The film also documents the old Billingham and the farms that are located in the shadow of the chemical works. Includes footage of the Wilton site under construction.

The film opens with general views of pylons and sheds at Haverton Hill, the oldest of the ICI sites.

A man rakes up dry salt in salt pans of steaming brine, heated from hot slag beneath.

General view of the ICI Billingham chemical works. An overhead conveyor carries large tubs of anhydrite (?) and a giant mechanical grab fills the tubs at the anhydrite works. 

The Constantia ship is docked at Billingham Wharf, a giant mechanical crane in the background where unloading is taking place. Shot of the nitro-chalk tower at ICI Billingham.

A general view follows of the chemical works, operations and building, and of a steam goods train pulling up in the Billingham site sidings.  A pipe pumps brine into a pool at the Castle (Cassel?) Works, Billingham, the starting point for the production of sodium, caustic soda and other chemicals.  General view of the Castle (Cassel?) Works exterior and interior.

Next, there is a general view of the ICI Plastics Division factory.  Workers wheel out sheets of perspex and load them into a delivery lorry.

And on to a general view of the Nylon Works, Billingham, in operation since 1948.  Rows of large metal barrels containing nylon chips stand outside the main brick buildings, to be spun into nylon filament.

The film continues to show the ICI Billingham offices and people relaxing in the sports ground at the Synthonia Club.

The old Grange Farm house stands in the midst of the chemical works.  A farmer drives his tractor into the barnyard of an old farm, the ICI Wilton works under construction in the background.  Panoramic views of the Wilton works, some buildings under construction.  Close-up of the steel framework of a factory building.

The film closes with various shots of the chemical works.  Bricklayers are working on one of the new buildings.

Credit: A Billingham Film

Title: The End