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YFA 3208



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The film opens with a title - Viscountess Lewisham visits the Newland Homes 28th March 1959

The Viscountess arrives at the Newland Estate in a car. Exiting the car, she opens an umbrella while another woman accompanying her for the day's events stands behind her. A man from the estate begins to give her a tour for the day as the three of them walk into a house. As they exit, the house is identified as The Hannah Pickard Home est. 1895. While outside the home, a little boy runs up to the Viscountess and presents her with a bouquet of flowers. The three continue their tour of the estate stopping at the Dr. C A Lee Home est. 1897 and inside the nursery school. Here the Viscountess meets and speaks to some of the children who are seated around tables. She then goes into the Hartlepool Home and poses in the doorway for a photo with the children from the home. After a bit more of a walk around the estate as well as a tour of the pool, the three get back into the car and drive off, a policeman shortly directing traffic in order for them to do so.
Title - The End