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This film features members of the Hull Auto Club during various rallies in East Yorkshire including Hull and Withernsea and as well as a traction engine rally in Masham, North Yorkshire.  Many different makes and models of motorbikes and cars are featured during the different events, and a commentary and soundtrack accompany the film.     

Title – The Veterans Ride Again

The film opens with a man and two teenage boys wheeling a motorbike from the garage onto a flat trailer where the man secures the motorbike.  Another man does the same, and the cars are parked near a curb.  

Now at Harewood House, crowds have gathered for a vintage care show. Cars are parked on the grass for display.  Men ride past on their motorbikes, a practice run before later events, and fairground rides and attractions can be seen in the background.  

Cars to the same practice runs, and the vehicles get put through the paces with an obstacle course.  Some of the motorbikes have sidecars.  Albert Dupree collects his prize, and there are shots of other riders.  More of the accompanying carnival can be seen including the Shamrock ride, a children’s hayride pulled by a steam engine, and a miniature railway.  Many spectators have gathered to watch the miniature railway. 

In Hull at Harry Fenby’s garage, Harry attempts to start a 1920 Garner truck but turning the start-up hand crank.  

Title – Seem to be having some difficulty here…

Harry and another man in a jumpsuit remove the engine cover and work to dismantle the engine.  They try winding the starting crank again but with no luck.  The men dismantle the engine down to the frame.  Terraced houses can be seen in the background.

Taking part in the Withernsea Rally, 1965:  At Hedon, many motorbikes are lined up.  The rally then stops at Hessle for lunch, after which the riders, both men and women, continue down the road which is lined with cars and some spectators.   

There are close ups of the BSA model.  The commentary notes it was a well-supported event, and there are lots of spectators present.  Women hold a banner which says “Cleveland Discol – gives you more to go on.”  

Now at the seafront at Withernsea, Club members take part in driving tests.  It’s a dreary and foggy day, and lots of spectators, including men, women, and children, have gathered at the side of the road to watch.  There are some close-up shots of the motorbikes.

Ferensway, Hull:  Club members gather in the carpark, and a bus passes by in the background.  They are getting ready for the start of the Hull to Bridlington Rally.  A few people have gathered to look at the motorbikes including a Yamaha 100cc.  Some of the bikes have sidecars, and many of the riders are dressed in riding gear including goggles.  Once in Bridlington, the rally times are recorded.

Now in Masham, North Yorkshire, a traction engine rally takes place.  There are shots of steam engines on a sunny day.  Other fair activities are set up, and people make their way around the site to look at the different antique and vintage cars and vehicles present.  The North Yorkshire Police has supported the event and hold a K9 unit display.  The dogs run through an obstacle course and display different scenarios to capture dangerous criminals.  Traction engines ride around the field, and a large crowd has gathered in the arena.  Other fair rides and further entertainment are shown.

Back at Ferensway, Hull, vintage cars are lined up for the start of the Hull to Scarborough Rally, 1966.  There are members of the Vintage Car Club as well as the Hull Auto club, and a few motorcycles take part too.  Each car is shown individually as it leaves the carpark, and many of the cars have at least two passengers.  The commentator notes a 1904 Oldsmobile which is taking part in the rally.  

At Harry Fenby’s garage, the old truck which was being dismantled earlier in the film is shown fully restored.  The commentary points out that this process involved many months of labour, and a man paints the cabin. There is a close-up of the license plate:  HCVC 1920 Garner 15.  A man puts the finishing touches on the waggon, and there are shots of Henry’s motorbike.  A teenage boy wheels a new bike from the garage and poses with his Bantam bike.  

Title – The End