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YFA 2399



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film captures the festivities of a wedding which takes place at the Reighton Methodist Church, the marriage of the Bishop's daughter. Included is footage of the guests arriving at the church as well as scenes at the reception which follow. Bradshaw was a keen filmmaker and would often take films of such events in order to record life in his village.

The film begins extensive footage of the guests arriving at the church. They make their way up the pathway towards the entrance. Other members of the clergy and nuns are also in attendance. All are dressed in their Sunday best, and most of the women wear hats. The Groom and Best Man arrive and pose for pictures. Following this, the Maid of Honour arrives with her mother and poses for a picture at the entrance of the church. She is wearing a pastel yellow dress. There are a few more guests to arrive before the Bride arrives. She poses with her father and the church's head priest at the entrance to the church.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds come out of the church where they pose for pictures. They pose with the wedding party and extended family as well. After all the pictures have been taken, the newlyweds make their way to a car waiting at the end of the pathway. The car is decorated with ribbon, and they make their way to the reception.

The film closes with exterior shots of the reception building where there are many guests who stand outside. More photographs are taken of the newlyweds and the wedding party. The film closes with a close up shot of the Bride who smiles at the camera.