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YFA 2300



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne that chronicles Victory Week celebrations in Chapeltown on the outskirts of Sheffield. It was made by a local dentist who filmed other such activities in the village throughout World War II.

Title - Victory Day at Highgreen 1945.

A military parade lead by a brass band marches down the village street. The band is followed by scouts and guides. In Chapeltown there are horse drawn floats decorated with bunting, children sit inside. Many people then gather in the village park where a wooden bonfire is constructed. Local dignitaries and Clergymen give speeches from the bandstand.

Title - Aug 1945 Victory Day Chapeltown

A black and white sequence shows people gathered in the town together, many wear overcoats. An aerial shot then shows that the centre of the village is full of people, some people carry candles on wooden sticks for the torch-light parade. Some members of the Home Guard are dressed in uniform. They stand by a barrel of beer whilst a man in a black uniform and 'taps' the barrel with a stake and wooden mallet. He fills their cups and they make a toast raising their glasses to the camera.

At a bandstand ice-creams are handed out to children, people are gathered around the area whilst in front of the bandstand a man and women do the jitterbug together. Inside a house a children's party takes place, long trestle tables are filled with food and the children pose for the camera.

A cricket match is then held at Thorncliffe Cricket and Social Club, the match includes a number of Northern Counties XI Cricketers versus cricketers from Thorncliffe, Somerset, Surrey and the West Indies. A crowd gather to watch the match though the scene is barely visible as it is dusk. At night time a torch light parade goes to the local park as part of the celebrations now that the war is over.

A colour sequence captures a group of children walking down a residential street; some are in fancy dress such as 'Little Bow Peep, 'Charlie Chaplin', clowns and school masters. Out on a country road a tank drives down with a women sitting on top.