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YFA 2672



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This is a Doncaster Movie Makers Club film which chronicles the celebration of Victoriana on a bright summer's day. The celebration takes place at a local park and includes many well shot scenes of the day's events.

Title - Victorian Picnic.

The film opens with a shot of a white sign in park that reads 'Cusworth Park'. There is then an exterior shot of a grand house. A woman in a Victorian maid's outfit stands on some stairs outside the house, announcing something over a mega phone. There is a shot of the garden, which shows a brass band playing, and the filmmaker gets various close ups of the band members.

The next sequence shows men and women attending the event; some of people have dressed up in Victorian dress, while others have opted for everyday clothing, and they all sit around the garden enjoying the picnic. Little girls and boys then play Victorian games, and also play with Victorian toys. Straying from the picnics theme, a boy skips rope and others hula hoop.

People in Victorian costume then drive horse drawn carts (also from that period), and as they drive past the camera it's possible to see that some are wielding whips and wearing bowler hats. A punch and Judy show follows, and lots of children gather on the lawn to watch the puppet show.

The next sequence shows more shots of the horse and carts parading around the grounds, and also features more views of some of the best Victorian costumes. Children parade in Victorian dress around the picnic area. The film then ends rather abruptly with a girl who smiles at the camera wearing a Victorian bonnet.