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NEFA 15459



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Tyne Tees Television North East Newsview sports item on a veteran motorcycle rally, with vintage BSA, Norton, Raleigh and Scott bikes in competition, from Durham City to Blanchland in Northumberland. This news report by Tom Phillips was originally broadcast on 1 June 1964.

Motorcyclist competitors and onlookers, including an interested nun, gather beside the river in Durham at the start of a veteran motorcycle rally to Blanchland, Northumberland. A motorcyclist revs up his machine. The competitors, some with sidecars, set off. The camera tracks various motorcyclists on the route, some on vintage BSA models.   

Interview with one of the competitors while he is riding, the microphone lead visible running from the motorbike to the car in front. A competitor is flagged down and hands over his form. It is raining now as the riders round a corner after a bridge, and tackle a hairpin bend. ‘Piece of cake’ shouts one competitor. The riders gather at Blanchland drawing a small crowd. One man explains his interest in motorbikes began as a youngster and that he always wanted a Scott, so when he took up vintage motorcycling that’s what he got. Another man agrees, saying once you’ve ridden a Scott, you’ll never ride anything else, even though they are temperamental sometimes. Another describes his vintage Raleigh as beautiful and fascinating. He thinks the comradeship in the vintage movement is ‘out of this world’.