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YFA 2531



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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film about how to properly ventilate a coal mine.

The film opens as a man takes a group of new apprentice workers, all teenage boys, on a tour of the mine. There are exterior shots of some of the buildings, and the group make their way down to the pit via the lift. Near the lift is a safety sign: Slight Wound Simple Remedy Wear Safety Gloves.

Then, through a combination of diagrams and footage, the miner explains the different elements involved in proper ventilation of the pit. Stopping, explaining and drawing diagrams at each important stage in the ventilation system, the miner highlights how each stage operates.

The air is continually monitored, being sampled and measured at different parts of the mine. There are filters to intake and return air, and some of the doors have holes in them to allow better air flow.

Looking out for safety information displayed in the pit such as signs, are shown to be crucial as the miner explains what could happen if these are ignored. They also witness a shot fire, and the air must always be checked before the "all clear" is given following the shot fire. The miner uses a small lantern to do so. Also, water is used to supress the dust as coal is transported, helping to keep the air clean.

As the miners get above ground, they are led into the Fan Room which has all the operating system such as a Water Meter Pressure gage is needed to check that the ventilation system is working. The large motors that control the fan system can also be seen as well as an illustration of the mine showing all the important ventilation points.

Title- Script and Direction Jack Ellitt
Photography John Sharples
Producer Donald Alexander

Title - The End
Made by the N.C.B. Film Unit 1963