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YFA 330



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday that he and his wife Grace had in Venice and the Dolomites.

Title - Venice and the Dolomites

The film begins with a Cocker Spaniel stood behind a garden gate, and trees in full bloom. The family visit Windsor Castle, with the guards marching up and down at the entrance and in the parade grounds, and two boys playing in the grounds.

Intertitle - London Airport to catch the Viscount bound for Venice

Passengers board the plane and the take-off, flight and landing are filmed. In a village carts are being pulled by oxen, and there is a road sign for 'Treviso'. They take a boat trip to the islands. Grace has a ride on a donkey and carriage. They have tour of Venice, in the rain and the sun, showing the canals, bridges, shops, gondolas and architecture. There are anti-communist political posters. They take a boat trip along the coast and back. Political banners cross the streets. Two small girls struggle down the steps of a bridge, and people watch a woman painting.

Intertitle - Torcello

At Torcello there are gondolas, old churches and a boy selling sea food.

Intertitle - The following morning we collected a car then picnicked on the way to Lake Garda via Padua

They do a tour of Padua, showing the architecture, and the castle that overlooks the lake and fishing boats moored on the pier. They sit at a caf? looking out onto the lake.

Part 2
This opens with them touring the harbour and narrow streets.

Intertitle - Riva - at the head of Lake Garda

They film the wildflowers, surrounding landscape and farmers harvesting in fields. A child picks some poppies. Farmhands are at work and there are carts being pulled by oxen. A train passes in front of mountain. There is a monument and they film some of the city life. Outside the city in the countryside a woman herds sheep and goats. They continue their car journey passing churches and picnicking by a river. Advertisements dot the side of the roads. There is a sign for Madonna Di Campiglio. A woman and child clean clothes in a lake, where there is a mobile stall selling fruit. A man goes out in a boat to rescue a piece of clothing that has drifted out. They continue their car journey passing ancient buildings, and filming the mountains and wild flowers.

Intertitle - Cortina

They drive into the town, stopping to re-fuel and see a new modern skating arena, before driving on through the countryside.

Intertitle - Return to Venice

They return to Venice by boat, filming the coast, boats and villages along the way. Back in Venice children play football in a square. San Marco and Venice are filmed from up in the tower. They then take another tour of Venice filming the canals, bridges, architecture and people, and also a sunset over San Giorgio Maggiore.

Intertitle - Next morning we leave the car at the airport & fly back over the Alps.

A man from the Italian car hire collects the car, and a family is sits on a cart pulled by oxen. They are next high above the clouds on the flight back looking down on the Dolomites. They land.

The End.