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NEFA 22097



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A 30 second television advertisement for Vaux Breweries to promote Norseman lager ‘a lager for men’ featuring a man telling a joke to a crowd in a public house including a Viking warrior.

The advertisement begins with a tankard of Norseman lager sitting in front a light source that shows up the golden colour and bubbles in the liquid. A hand appears and picks up the tankard.

The film cuts to show a man standing at a bar in a public house chatting; the tankard is passed to him. He takes it and has a drink.

Two men at the bar listen to the man speaking, one pours a glass of lager from a bottle. Three different men look on listening to the man’s story cutting to the face of a woman looking shocked. Behind the bar, standing over a Norseman lager tap, is the barman who also drinks from a tankard leaving a trace of foam on his top lip.

A brief view follows of the face of man and darts hitting a darts board.

The man telling the story finishes with a punchline, everyone around him bursts into laughter. One man accidently spits out a mouthful of lager.

A Viking sitting next to the man telling the story slaps him on the back and the camera pulls back to show a crowd of drinkers standing around the two men.

Title: Norseman. Lager of the strong side