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NEFA 22104



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A short professional film produced for Vaux Breweries about the Vaux Mountain Trail fell running event taking place in the Lake District sponsored by the company. The event attracts more than 200 amateur runners who follow a route through six check-points starting in the Kentmere Valley, across the Fairfield Range and over Kentmere Pike. The punishing route reaches heights of more the 2500ft above sea level. The film show runners preparing themselves before the race as well as an interview with one of the competitors; Josh Naylor. From the ground as well as in the air the film follows the runners as they complete the route and the film ends with winner Martin Hudson crossing the finish line.

The film opens on 33 year old school teacher Duncan Overton collapsed on the ground with exhaustion at the end of the Vaux Mountain Trail. Two officially stands over him making sure he is OK. Duncan turns over face down in the grass.

In slow-motion a number of fell runners are seen running across rough ground and aerial views show the Fairfield fells in the Lake District with Thirlmere Reservoir in the distances. 

The film cuts to an aerial view of a farm with a number of vehicles parked around it. On the ground a runner ties his shoe lace on a car bumper in preparation for the race.

Interview with veteran runner 45 year old Josh Naylor who talks about why winner a Vaux Tankard makes this event so special.

The film cuts to show views of various competitors looking over maps in readiness for the race to begin. Another packs or unpacks a rucksack beside a car.

Interview with a second unnamed man about the route of the course. It has been designed to offer a choice for competitors in order to ‘exercise the minds as well as the bodies.’

A layer of cloud wraps itself around the middle of a distance hill or mountain range while in the foreground spectator’s watch as a number of runners pass.

Josh Naylor stands at the starting line ready to begin the race. A whistle is blown and he and two other competitors jog off. A woman blows the whistle again and three more runners jog off.

Beside a VW Campervan 200 yards from the start line competitors mark out their chosen route on a map using a compass. One competitor wearing a pair of specially constructed magnifying glasses attached to his head is asked about them. He say’s he wearing it as he can’t see the map without it.

With their route set, some of the runners start heading off as others continue to mark out their route. The man with the magnifying glasses runs past across a fell.

Aerial views of the dramatic landscape and runners racing across it. From the ground a few spectators watch as runners make their way up a steep rocky hillside. From part way up the hillside a numbers of runners are asked as they pass how they are coping. Another is asked why he does it [fell running]. He replies, to get away from the wife. Another says he has no regrets taking part in such a gruelling event.

More aerial views follow showing a runner climbing over a fence crossing a steam. Behind him another competitor try’s to catch up.

At the finish line back at the farm a woman looks through a pair of binoculars as those around her applaud. Crossing the finish line first is Martin Hudson, a Customs and Excise Officer from Ulverston who doesn’t look tired after this twenty mile run. Coming in third is Josh Naylor who also looks fine.

Interview with Josh who says that his jumper was too thick and he sweated too much meaning he didn’t finish higher. However, he has another seventeen mile event to look forward to.   

The film ends on a final aerial view showing runners crossing the fells.