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A promotional film produced by Turners Film Productions for Vaux and Associated Breweries Limited looking back on a year of sporting success across Scotland and Northern England sponsored by Vaux. The film is introduced and ended by the Chairman of the company, Mr Douglas Nicholson and the film features athletics from Gateshead, show jumping from Edinburgh, archery from County Durham, junior motor racing from Charterhall in Berwickshire, cycling from Wolsingham, golf from Stanley as well as horse racing from Redcar and Ayr. The film also features the presentation of mini-minor motor cars to winners of Vaux ‘Spot the Ball’ competition and the 1961 Lille to the North East pigeon race.

The opening titles are shown over a montage of sporting events featuring racing cars speeding around a track, runners competing in a race, pigeons being released and horse racing.

Title: Vaux Encourage Sport

Title: A record of sporting events promoted by Vaux Breweries during 1961

Credit: Photography Turners Film Productions. Commentator Bob Danvers Walker

Title: Introduced by Mr Douglas Nicholson Chairman Vaux and Associated Breweries

Standing beside a large fire Mr Nicholson introduces the film 'to help bring the best of sport in the North East of England'.

Title: Vaux International Athletic Meeting Gateshead

An array of athletics events takes place in Gateshead at the ‘International Athletic Meeting’ including the junior steeplechase, javelin. Crowd shots are interspersed with the athletic events. Spillers Mill appears in the background across the river in some athletics running events.

The next sequence is of the shot put competition with Yorkshire born Arthur Rowe, the British and European Olympic record holder. He signs autographs for a group of young boys surrounding him.

The pole vault competition features winner Rex Porter and Mike Nagent, the junior record holder.

Sprinting track events are next, then long distance running with Anne Oliver from Gosforth Harriers.

Winners are presented with contemporary 1960s items of furniture as prizes. Close-up of the back of a man's tracksuit top with sewn slogan "Running In Please Pass."

Derek Ibbotson, the UK mile run record holder, competes in the mens long distance event. Prizes (Vaux cups this time) are awarded by the Chairman of Vaux, Mr Nicholson, and his two sons. The three mile race event is won by Mike Bullivant (Derby and County AC), shown crossing the finishing line.

The 100 metre sprint is won by a Gosforth Harrier, Emmet.(?)

Title: Vaux Competition for 12 Mini-Minors

An advertising hoarding appears on the wall of a warehouse that reads: "Double Maxim gives You Double Strength." The winners of a Vaux sponsored ‘Spot the ball’ competition are featured next; each receiving a brand new Mini-Minor. The cars are filmed leaving a warehouse next to the ‘Brandling Arms’ (possibly in Gosforth) and one being presented to  Mrs T. Thompson a blue Mini-Minor and a cheque for £50. Outside at the ‘Lambton Worm’ pub between Birtley and Chester Le Street Mr J Pilkington from Jesmond is also presented with a red Mini-Minor and is seen sitting in the drivers seat. A group of the men retreat inside the Lambton Worm.

Title: Usher Gold Tankard Event at Edinburgh Horse Show

Next is the show jumping event in Edinburgh at Stenhouse Stadium. A banner reads: ‘Edinburgh Horse Show: In Aid of King George’s Fund for the Sailors and Military Charities.’ Famous competitors include Ted Williams, Jack Barry and Betty Henry. Footage includes a fall from a horse after one jump.

Title: Northern Counties Archery Championship Houghall

The Northern Counties Championship Archery takes place at Houghall in County Durham. A three day competition in which both men and women take part, including the ladies record holder: Miss Jane Hayward. Miss Shirley Lions wins and prizes are presented by Mrs Davidson.

Close-ups follow of men and women counting arrows in the targets at the start of competitions. A man pulls out an arrow. A woman competitor pulls out her arrow. Prizes are arranged on a table. A brief shot of a woman in baseball cap looking through binoculars. There are various general views and close-ups of the archers. A judge blows his whistle. Competitors relax with a beer outside, by the outdoor Vaux stall bar.

Title: Vaux Gold Tankard Pigeon Race. Lille to the North East

The Vaux Gold Tankard Pigeon Racing begins with owners registering their birds with officials of the Up North Combine pigeon club who ring the birds before placing them in a wicker basket for the journey to Lillie in northern France. At Newcastle Central Station porters load the baskets into a special wagon and the steam train leave the station. At Gatwick Airport a Dan-Air London airplane takes off in day and lands at Lille at night.

The baskets are eventually opened and the pigeons are released to fly back to Great Britain. Outside a loft at Skinningrove on the North Yorkshire coast owners wait for their birds to arrive home. A pigeon comes into land at the loft and its collection by its owner. An official from Up North Combine come to the loft to check and confirm the winner Mr Alan Hicks

A view of a Vaux Gold Tankard award

Title: Formula Junior Race, Charterhall for Usher Tankard

The Formula Junior Race for the Usher Tankard and £100 prize winning money. Single-seat racing cars are briefly inspected before the race. Among the racers are Trevor Taylor, the reigning junior champion, Peter Proctor and Tony Maggs. The winner is presented with the tankard from which he drinks the celebratory champagne.

Title: Vaux Tankard Cycling Championship Wolsingham

A large suspended banner reads: ‘START of the Vaux Silver Pint Tankard Race’. Miss Weardale starts the race. The 110 mile race takes place with a backdrop of rural hills. Among the riders are some notable contestants: Peter Chisom, Billy Holmes (the current champion) and Bill Bradley (Wigan). The voice over remarks on the ‘sharp and dangerous bends.’ Various shots focus on the crowds beside the road, including one shot of many onlookers in multicoloured jumpers. A view of the finish line and of the presentation of prizes in the street by Vaux Chairman, Mr Nicholson.

Title: Usher Gold Tankard Horse Racing Ayr

[B&W] The Usher Edinburgh Gold Tankard horse racing takes place at Ayr and is filmed for BBC Grandstand with on-the-spot commentary. Jockeys include Lionel Brown, Bill Williamson and Ron Hutchinson. High angle shots capture one horse bucking and the race master wielding his whip at the start of the course pre-race. Lionel Brown wins the race on Three Wishes.

[Colour] Title: Northumberland & Durham Open Golf Championship. Vaux Tankard for Best Under 21 Golfer.

On the course at South Moor, Stanley, various shots of the players as they tee off and at different holes during the competition. Robert Walker is the winner from Hebburn. Golf balls being struck on the sound track.

Title: Vaux Tankard Handicap at Redcar Racecourse

Vaux Tankard Handicap race, the north’s most valuable handicap with a prize of £10,460, includes footage of experts studying the horses in the paddock that includes Winston Churchill’s horse ‘Vienna’. High angle shots of a packed stadium and thronging crowds of smartly dressed spectators. Tic tac men make coded hand signals. Race highlights are followed by the presentation of awards. Lester Piggott rides the winning horse, Off Key. Douglas Nicholson presents the tankard to the winning owner.

The final part of the film begins with a montage of views taken from the film cutting to Mr Nicholson back beside the fireplace. The film ends on him comparing the many spectators seen at the Vaux Tankard Handicap at Redcar to those of individual owners waiting on their own for the return of the pigeon competing in Lille to the North East.