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A promotional film produced by Turners Film Productions for Vaux and Associated Breweries Limited looking back on a year of sporting success across Scotland and Northern England sponsored by Vaux. The film is introduced by the Chairman of the company, Mr Douglas Nicholson. Footage includes the Usher Vaux Scottish Sportsman of the Year Awards dinner taking place at the Golden Circle Hotel at Bathgate in Scotland, the Vaux International Hound Trial taking at Bewcastle in the borders, the Vaux Gold Tankard Handicap at Redcar Racecourse, basketball at the Lightfoot Sports Stadium in Newcastle, pigeon racing from Nantes in France to the north east and Scotland, the Royal Highland Show, a report on the Vaux School for Sport at Bede College in Durham, the Grand Prix Cycle Race at Wolsingham, Durham County Show featuring Douglas Nicholson, the Vaux Mountain Trials at Eskdale, and the Usher Vaux Scottish Championship steeplechase in Ayr.

The film opens in an engraved Vaux Gold Tankard. The film cuts to a silhouette of the tankard inside which a montage of sporting events.

Title: Vaux Encourage All Sport

Title: Vaux Sporting Events of 1966

Credit:  Filmed by Turners Film productions, Newcastle upon Tyne

Credit: Production Brian Nicol A.R.P.S. Bryan Copplestone A.I.I.P. Peter Brown.
Michael Harvey

Credit: Commentary Frank Bough

Title: Produced for Vaux and Associated Breweries Ltd Sunderland

In the grounds of a large country house walks Douglas Nicholson, Chairman of Vaux Breweries, with his dogs. He approaches the camera to introduce this 6th year of Vaux’s practical interest in sport.

Title: Usher-Vaux Scottish Sportsman of the Year Dinner

General view of the exterior of the Golden Circle Hotel at Bathgate in Scotland followed by well dressed guests inside sitting at tables. At the top table is Douglas Nicholson who is hosting this Usher-Vaux Scottish Amateur Sports Awards dinner. The Vaux tankard for Sportswoman of the Year goes to Scottish tennis player Winnie Shaw and the Sportsman of the Year goes to world champion racing driver Jim Clark. Both give speeches intercut with montage of footage showing them in action in their respective sports.

Title: Hound Trailing at Brewcastle in the Border Country

In a field at Bewcastle near Carlisle large crowds gather for the Vaux International Trial. Crowds make bets with the many bookmakers in attendance. The film cuts to show some of the 340 entries and their owners making their way towards the start line.

The race gets underway and views show hounds racing across fields, under and over fences and walls completing the course. At the end of the race owners wave towels in the air to attract their dogs and bowls of food are laid out for them as they get back.

The winning hound is Merryman with views of him being posed with a man. 77 year-old Mrs Little of Burgh by Sands, the owner of Merryman, collects the tankard to the applause of the crowds. She smiles posing with the tankard.

Title: Racing at Redcar

General views of the crowds at Redcar racecourse with punters placing bets with the many bookmakers. A number of well dressed women sit on benches soaking up the sun. Mrs and Mrs Nicholson walk into the paddock followed by views of the 19 runners being paraded around including last year’s winner Atilla. Jockeys mount their horses.

General views of the race show the pack racing around the course. The race in won by Salvo and, following the race, the horse is led back to the paddock.

Title: Basketball at Newcastle

A general view of the domed Lightfoot Sports Centre at Newcastle cuts inside to show views of a match between Doncaster Panthers and Sheffield University, the final of the Northern Championship of the Vaux Basketball Tournament. Jim Parks of Sheffield University makes a jump shot and his team wins the match.

Players from England and Switzerland warm up on the court in readiness for the biggest international basketball match outside London.  General views show the match with both sides in attack. The winner is Switzerland, their third win against England.

Title: Pigeon Racing Nantes to the North East and Scotland

At Nantes Airport wicker baskets full of racing pigeons are unloaded from an aircraft, some of the 8000 birds which will take part in the annual Vaux Gold Tankard. Driving along a road, a pigeon transporter lorry arrives at the airport and parks near to the baskets which are being stacked. Pigeons drink from a trough attached to the basket.

The following morning the signal is given and the birds are released. Outside their pigeon loft at Consett stands Mr and Mrs Clark holding their winning cock-bird Blue Anglia with pride.

Title: Show Jumping at the Royal Highland Show

At Ingliston near Edinburgh at the Royal Highland Showground crowds watch as rider Ted Williams on Revel takes part in the final of the Vaux Gold Tankard. The ground is difficult due to the recent wet weather and Ted and Revel smash through a wall jump almost knocking Ted off. However, they complete the course with eight faults.

Harvey Smith on Harvester comes next, also making a number of mistakes almost knocking down a fence. Again, he completes the course with eight faults.

Kenneth Pritchard riding Rustler comes last and manages to complete the course making only four vaults winning the tournament. The Gold Tankard is present to Kenneth by Mrs Nicholson.

Title: Vaux School of Sport Durham

General view of signs at Durham University: one for Bede College and the other ‘Vaux School of Sport’.

A group of young sports men and women are given training in archery at Bede College in Durham, Durham Cathedral in the background. Expert training is provided to a group of boys in football and there are shots of them playing. Inside a sports hall girls are given instruction in tennis and badminton.

Back outside, a group of boys and girls are given advice on golf as they make practice swings.

At an athletics track boys and girls work on javelin throws and doing the long jump. 

On the river Wear two groups of youths are given training in rowing. The film cuts to a number of other participants taking canoeing lessons in the North Sea.

Title: Grand Prix Cycling Race Wolsingham Circuit

Seventy riders, including teams from Russia and Poland, cross the start line of the 120 mile grand prix through the rugged and hilly countryside of County Durham. Riders pass through the village of Hill End followed by general views of the riders travelling the route through the country. From a light aircraft views look down on the riders racing through the rural landscape.

English rider Les West finishes first with his support vehicle following just behind. Veteran competitor Arthur Metcalfe comes second. Following a drink of orange juice from a bottle Les West is presented with the winning sash and tankard and waves to the crowds from a podium.

Title: Durham County Show

A small crowd stands admiring and stroking the horses pulling a Vaux delivery wagon waiting beside the showground at the Durham County Show. Douglas Nicholson drives a horse-drawn coach onto the showground followed by a small boy leading a donkey and trap onto the show field. As Mr Nicholson continues to drive the coach around the field, Andrew Nicholson drives his mother in a dog cart as one of the Vaux delivery wagons is driven past in the opposite direction. With the event finished, Mr Nicholson drives the coach off the field.

Title: Vaux Mountain Trail Eskdale

Outside the Woolpack Inn at Hardknott Pass in Eskdale crowds of runners and spectators wait for the start of the 1966 Lake District Mountain Trails. Officials hand over route cards to a number of runners with numbers hanging around their necks.

On a map a pointer points out the 16 ¾ mile route to Great End in the Scafell Range and back again. Competitors look over maps working out routes including John Disley the Olympic runner. Fell runner Josh Naylor heads out followed by another competitor who drops his kit. Mike Davis, last year’s winner, continues to work out his route.

At the top of Goat Gill two men are at the first checkpoint. Competitors arrive  and their route cards are marked and details added to a ledger. At Stony Tarn on the route back to the Wool Pack Inn there's another checkpoint where runners have their route cards marked again.

Back at the Wool Pack Inn spectators wait for the runners to return. First back is Josh Naylor followed by local competitor known simply as ‘Fit’ coming second and the third place goes to a bearded runner.

Josh Naylor is interviewed who says the course this year is much easier than last year. The film cuts to the crowd outside the Wool Pack applauding as Josh is presented with the Gold Tankard by a representative of Vaux.

Title: Steeplechase at Ayr

General view of crowds, many with umbrella’s, at a wet second day of the meeting at Ayr racecourse. The first race of the day is the Usher-Vaux Scottish Champion Hunt Steeplechase. Next to the course a sign, a list of all the riders in the race including George Small riding favourite Balkan Green.

The race gets underway in the rain and there are various views of the race including race leader Royal Reynard falling at a fence. Balkan Green wins the £2000 race and is led into the paddock. With a smile George Small gets off and takes off the saddle. The Vaux Gold Tankard is presented to Balkan Green’s owner Mr Reid by Douglas Nicholson.

The film cuts back to the paddock where the horses of the day’s third race, the Usher-Vaux Brewery Gold Tankard, are being presented. On the course views show the 1 mile 7 furlong race which is won by Aegean Blue ridden by Lester Piggott.

Back in the paddock Lester speaks with the horses owner who is then presented with the Vaux gold tankard by Douglas Nicolson.

The film ends on a view of the Vaux Gold Tankard

Title: Vaux Encourage All Sport